Canceling a job should not be so inconvenient

If ST is going to make it mandatory to remove all tasks before canceling a job, there needs to be a "delete invoice" button to remove all tasks at once. With a large project it can waste far too much time deleting those tasks one at a time. Also - da...

vmoore by New Contributor II
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Materials list for equipment installations

Wondering what the best workflow is for sending materials lists to the parts department "pull or order list" for install jobs. When we go out for the measurements, we currently just have the pre-install technicians write up the full list of materials...

dianna54 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! jobs vs appointments

I want to force our techs to fill out a daily form, but as far as I can tell, have to create a new job daily to do this.I work in large-scale install projects and want to use some of the job features with tags and forms, but my issue is that I create...

jtullous by New Contributor II
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Permit and Install Coordinating

Hey fellow ST members, Do any of you put the permits in ST forms to be filled out? Also, do you think its a best practice to put the town in like a customer account so you can record the calls and then reassign the call to the job? We have tags permi...

mquigley by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Projects created based on customer vs. location

Hey everyone! Right now there's three ideas out there all based around allowing projects to be created based on customer instead of a single location: COMMUNITY-I-184COMMUNITY-I-420COMMUNITY-I-1489 Make sure to vote for these ideas so we can have bet...

bdanielson by New Contributor II
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Project Billing for Materials Stored

Does anyone know how to set up a project so that we can bill for materials purchased prior to starting the job? With the HVAC equipment market as it is we are ordering equipment before we even start rough in on a project. We want to bill for this equ...

michelew1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Detach Job from Project

I attached a wrong job to a project. How do I move it to the right project?

harley by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Estimates created without a job?

Is there a way to pull an estimate that was created under a customer but not a 'job' into a project? Or 'Book A New Job' from an estimate that was not created from a 'Job'? The estimates created without jobs attached are just in limbo?

swagman by New Contributor II
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