Facebook Ad Lead Attribution

For those who aren't using scheduling pro, how do you attribute revenue to leads generated from Facebook Ads? Are you sending the lead to the web-scheduler and using UTM in the URL? Or to its own landing page?

Resolved! Reviews Process

Greetings to all Titans,I have a question regarding review generation. To me there are a few methods in which to garnish the reviews, outside of the employee on site obtaining a review. In my opinion, this is the best and most efficient way.Which way...

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Resolved! Marketing Pro

How many working hours would you say it takes to get Marketing Pro up and running? I heard it was a lengthy process but I would like to start using it ASAP if I have the time to spend right now working on that.

maemilyv by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Email Marketing Campaign

Can I schedule an email marketing campaign for the same day? Or is it only possible to schedule it for the next day?

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Campaign Sources

Is there a way to combine multiple campaigns/campaign sources, into one? For example, we had an existing Home Depot campaign that was used to track revenue generated from those leads, once we did the Home Depot integration it automatically generates ...

gkartes by New Contributor
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Resolved! Schedule/calendar

Hi thereHas anyone found a way to show a schedule or calendar of email marketing through service titan? I haven't found a way, but it certainly seems like it be amazing to be able to display in a calendar format when your email marketing is set to st...

ericmaxo by New Contributor
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Finding Old Active Phone Numbers...

Hi All, So recently I have been trying to clean up our campaigns and phone numbers so our marketing numbers are accurate in ST. An issue I am running into is I have a handful of phone numbers, that are still active to our company, that I have no way ...

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Resolved! Marketing - Share your Favorite Campaigns

As a new marketer that is has been connected to trades for 10 years now, but just now working on the marketing end of the trades I want to hear what your favorite campaign has been in your company thus far?! I have heard of BOGO deals, donations to c...

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