Starting, Stopping, and Reactivating a Campaign

Hi ST,Recently, I came across the need to stop an automatic campaign that we use to contact customers 30 days after a quote is given. I had to stop this campaign because, during peak season, there was no need to incentivize customers. So, with this b...

Seeing All Marketing Campaign Results?

Hello!I have a lot of marketing campaigns going on right now. I'm curious on if there's a way to see a pie chart of all of my campaigns, and what percentage of each comprises the leads we've got in any given time. I'm also curious on if there's a mor...

Making small edits after a Marketing Campaign is live

Is there a way to make small edits to a campaign once it is already live and launched? I think right now we can only make changes to it if it is a draft. I know we can clone it as well but why can we not make changes to a launched campaign?Maybe ther...

wch_alex by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Combination-Media Campaigns (SMS+Email+Direct Mail)

Campaigns should allow Email, SMS, and Direct Mail to be combined into a single campaign for the same audience. For instance, if I wanted to email the customer on day 1, follow up with SMS on Day 3, email again on Day 5, then Direct Mail on Day 15, I...

afalco by New Contributor
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