Customer rewards/loyalty program

I want to create a customer rewards/loyalty program based on annual spending or the number of jobs completed. Is there any way to automate this in Service Titan? Maybe when a customer meets a preset threshold, a tag is created or a custom field is po...

s_fox_ca by New Contributor
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Resolved! Reviews Process

Greetings to all Titans,I have a question regarding review generation. To me there are a few methods in which to garnish the reviews, outside of the employee on site obtaining a review. In my opinion, this is the best and most efficient way.Which way...

t_joner by New Contributor III
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Customer Referrals

Looking for some suggestions on a "friends and family" referral program through ST? How do you set it up/track it?

taylorc_ by New Contributor II
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Autoresponder Option For Missed and Abandoned Calls

I have recently reached out to my contact for Marketing Pro support regarding a feature that I know other companies are offering. If you have a call that is abandoned or missed for any reason, there is an autoresponder that sends a text message sayin...

anytimeh by New Contributor
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Customer Satisfaction

We had a customer who entered 1 star and then a 5 star (hit in error) It picked up the 1 star rating is there any way to fix this so that it doesn't show on the report

hamptons by New Contributor
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