Customer rewards/loyalty program

I want to create a customer rewards/loyalty program based on annual spending or the number of jobs completed. Is there any way to automate this in Service Titan? Maybe when a customer meets a preset threshold, a tag is created or a custom field is po...

s_fox_ca by New Contributor
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Resolved! Reviews Process

Greetings to all Titans,I have a question regarding review generation. To me there are a few methods in which to garnish the reviews, outside of the employee on site obtaining a review. In my opinion, this is the best and most efficient way.Which way...

t_joner by New Contributor III
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Customer Referrals

Looking for some suggestions on a "friends and family" referral program through ST? How do you set it up/track it?

taylorc_ by New Contributor II
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Autoresponder Option For Missed and Abandoned Calls

I have recently reached out to my contact for Marketing Pro support regarding a feature that I know other companies are offering. If you have a call that is abandoned or missed for any reason, there is an autoresponder that sends a text message sayin...

anytimeh by New Contributor
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Customer Satisfaction

We had a customer who entered 1 star and then a 5 star (hit in error) It picked up the 1 star rating is there any way to fix this so that it doesn't show on the report

hamptons by New Contributor
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Google Reviews

Hey everybody! We are currently running into problems with Google reviews (including 5-star reviews) where they are randomly being taken down by Google. Is this a result of sending a review generation link? Is anyone else having this problem? We know...

dthorpe by New Contributor
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Resolved! customer follow up to schedule next visit

We have a membership that entitles customers to two visits per year. we were thinking of using the job completion survey to follow up and schedule customers for their next visit (roughly 6 months out), but its not realistic with the current template ...

embowes by New Contributor II
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ToolBox Live Coming Your Way!

ToolBox Live Is A business-development workshop empowering the tradesToolbox Live is for owners, general managers, and operations leaders looking to maximize their investment in ServiceTitan. Two full days of expert speakers, breakout sessions, and 1...

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