Hello Everyone! What's your experience with Podium? What features do you like and how have they helped your business? Any downfalls? Any advice would be helpful! Thank you!


Hey all,Been trying to get our GLSA and google booking connected for almost 2 months. Yes ST has been trying to help but it is still not working. The account keeps getting rejected. We do have 5 GLSA accounts, one for each department and 1 for brande...

jessicak by New Contributor II
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GLSA Integration

Hello! Has anyone integrated GLSA bookings with their ServiceTitan account? We turned ours on and started receiving booking requests (great)… However, we started getting calls from upset customers saying they had an appointment confirmation for a spe...

taylorc_ by New Contributor II
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Resolved! customer follow up to schedule next visit

We have a membership that entitles customers to two visits per year. we were thinking of using the job completion survey to follow up and schedule customers for their next visit (roughly 6 months out), but its not realistic with the current template ...

embowes by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Angi Leads

Hi everyone-If you are using the Angi Leads Integration (linked below), how are you recording the leads for follow up that are not booked as calls?Re: angi leads integration

charringtonPSB by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Podium Integrations

Good Morning!I have noted a dip in our reviews since using podium. looking at their reporting it looks like 98% of the review requests are being "Filtered" and about 2% say it was "processed" does that mean 98% of the requests we have sent are not ac...

NealMims by New Contributor
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Chat to Text Integration - Customization

I was wondering if it was possible to change/edit the "?" icon for the Chat to text feature. I have not been able to find this option but I would love to be able to upload my own SVG or PNG file with my own icon.

drlavont by New Contributor II
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