MarketingPro and AI Integration, Instagram, TikTok

I am LOVING using Marketing Pro to respond to my reviews so far! It is so nice to have the AI feature to use as a guideline I can personalize for my responses, plus I stay so much more on top of everything! Do you all have any ideas about using Marke...

Campaign cost for marketing campaign

Some of my campaigns in Marketing Pro have a campaign cost automatically filled in and for others like Yelp, I have to manually enter each month. Are PPC campaigns supposed to be linked to Marketing Pro and auto-populate in the cost field?I have abou...

Jim_Owens by New Contributor II
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Finding Old Active Phone Numbers...

Hi All, So recently I have been trying to clean up our campaigns and phone numbers so our marketing numbers are accurate in ST. An issue I am running into is I have a handful of phone numbers, that are still active to our company, that I have no way ...

jmoutray by New Contributor II
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Google Map Rank Tracker (Proposed Feature)

An awesome and equally functional feature for marketing pro would be a Google Map Rank Tracker to aid with local SEO. This feature would allow us to make use of the valuable data that Marketing Pro is providing through YEXT and give us a real-time sn...

Google Rank Tracker.png

Resolved! Technician Scores

Good morning, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to pull up technician scores for reviews. Is there any way to do this with specific technicians that'll show their Average rating, and verified reviews?

JustinC by New Contributor II
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Google Reviews

Hey everybody! We are currently running into problems with Google reviews (including 5-star reviews) where they are randomly being taken down by Google. Is this a result of sending a review generation link? Is anyone else having this problem? We know...

dthorpe by New Contributor
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