MarketingPro and AI Integration, Instagram, TikTok

I am LOVING using Marketing Pro to respond to my reviews so far! It is so nice to have the AI feature to use as a guideline I can personalize for my responses, plus I stay so much more on top of everything! Do you all have any ideas about using Marke...

How about a Photo album option

Happy 2024!I have an old Idea that has not *yet* made traction. However, I am confident it will be such a handy tool for all users! I propose a function to go through all the photos taken on jobs in one collective place-- Like a photo album.This will...

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Resolved! Ads Optimizer

For the people that have Ads Optimizer turned on. Have you all found a work around for getting charged for existing customer "leads"? My hang up is that I was told they can not decifer between existing and New customers, therefore charging me for ALL...

lizb by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Adding sound to Marketing pro emails

I am looking for a way to add sound to our marketing pro emails. Are imported files suppressed or do they require approval? Basically I am trying to alter a templet adding sound and animation. Does anyone know where training information for this type...

Jbedinger by New Contributor
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Titan Marketing Graphics tools for emails

Hello,I have just started using Titan's Marketing features. I am looking for the training for creating and editing email graphics. I would like to edit templets but I am having trouble. Can anyone direct me to the instructions for creating and editin...

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Marketing Webinar Tomorrow! Let's Talk About Planning

In today's tightened economy, devising a robust marketing plan has become more essential than ever for your home services business. While new customer acquisition remains important, it’s crucial that you tap into your existing customer base, reach an...

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Slow Times

Hello friends! Looking for some suggestions on the first plan of action when the schedule starts to slow down unexpectedly. Email blasts, maintenance visits, social media? And what types of deals do you focus on... promos? What type of equipment?Any ...

taylorc_ by New Contributor II
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