Removing link to job on Marketing Review

Hello Fellow Titans! I have a review that is linking to a job/choice of jobs that I can't seem to unattach. A potential customer left a Yelp review talking about our company without placing a call for service. I now have an open review left by this p...

MarketingPro and AI Integration, Instagram, TikTok

I am LOVING using Marketing Pro to respond to my reviews so far! It is so nice to have the AI feature to use as a guideline I can personalize for my responses, plus I stay so much more on top of everything! Do you all have any ideas about using Marke...

Replying to Reviews

Is anyone experiencing issues with replying back to customer reviews? I keep receiving an error message whenever I type up a reply and try to post it. #marketingpro #reviews #googlereviews

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Zoom Workshop- SMS Like A Pro! This Friday 11am pst

Join our Product team on Friday at 11am PT for a Marketing Pro Zoom Workshop and learn how to properly set up an SMS campaign for unsold estimate follow-ups. We will also walk through important differences between transactional vs marketing campaigns...

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Marketing PRO Audience Builder Question

I'm a new user on marketing pro and looking to build an audience for thank you's on FIRST-TIME customers only.Direct mail as a first time and email for subsequent jobs.Based on some trial and error I believe I can accomplish this with both Job Inclus...

jpovey by New Contributor III
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