[Webinar] AI is Changing Search: How Your Business Can Be Ready

As Google and other search engines incorporate generative AI into search engines, your business needs to adapt. Search queries will become more conversational as consumers start using AI search more. AI search brings new opportunities to your busines...

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Google Map Rank Tracker (Proposed Feature)

An awesome and equally functional feature for marketing pro would be a Google Map Rank Tracker to aid with local SEO. This feature would allow us to make use of the valuable data that Marketing Pro is providing through YEXT and give us a real-time sn...

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Resolved! Referral: Marketing PPC Companies

Do you have any referrals for PPC companies that are familiar with and comfortable using the Marketing Pro Google Integration?

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YouTube short videos - the new marketing trend?

A couple of weeks ago my team participated in a local parade. I took some photos and videos on my phone, and I wanted to share one of the videos (only 17 seconds long) with my team at our company meeting this morning to highlight my team and thank th...

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