SMS Marketing

What do you guys use for SMS Marketing? Would love to use the service titan option though it has limited options as far as campaigns go. I am curious to what others are using, while integrating with Service Titan? Thank you!

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Zoom Workshop- SMS Like A Pro! This Friday 11am pst

Join our Product team on Friday at 11am PT for a Marketing Pro Zoom Workshop and learn how to properly set up an SMS campaign for unsold estimate follow-ups. We will also walk through important differences between transactional vs marketing campaigns...

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Sending Contact Card though chat

We have a lot of customers that call us on different phone numbers and a lot of them are via a paid method. What I want to do, once that customer has called, is direct them to call us on our main number in the future so they don't have to look us up ...

[Feedback Requested] SMS Marketing

Hello and Happy New Year!Do you send out SMS Marketing campaigns using a third party provider? Our product teams would love to get some feedback your SMS Marketing usage. This includes marketing texts only (promotions, discounts, etc) and not transac...

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Marketing Webinar Tomorrow! Let's Talk About Planning

In today's tightened economy, devising a robust marketing plan has become more essential than ever for your home services business. While new customer acquisition remains important, it’s crucial that you tap into your existing customer base, reach an...

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Resolved! Marketing Pro

How many working hours would you say it takes to get Marketing Pro up and running? I heard it was a lengthy process but I would like to start using it ASAP if I have the time to spend right now working on that.

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Resolved! customer follow up to schedule next visit

We have a membership that entitles customers to two visits per year. we were thinking of using the job completion survey to follow up and schedule customers for their next visit (roughly 6 months out), but its not realistic with the current template ...

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Resolved! Marketing - Share your Favorite Campaigns

As a new marketer that is has been connected to trades for 10 years now, but just now working on the marketing end of the trades I want to hear what your favorite campaign has been in your company thus far?! I have heard of BOGO deals, donations to c...

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