Sending Contact Card though chat

We have a lot of customers that call us on different phone numbers and a lot of them are via a paid method. What I want to do, once that customer has called, is direct them to call us on our main number in the future so they don't have to look us up ...

Finding Old Active Phone Numbers...

Hi All, So recently I have been trying to clean up our campaigns and phone numbers so our marketing numbers are accurate in ST. An issue I am running into is I have a handful of phone numbers, that are still active to our company, that I have no way ...

jmoutray by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Technician Scores

Good morning, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to pull up technician scores for reviews. Is there any way to do this with specific technicians that'll show their Average rating, and verified reviews?

JustinC by New Contributor II
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Call Tracking Numbers Problem

For the 3rd day in a row our call tracking numbers are not being directed to the number specified. We get a variety of messages from the number is not in service to driecting to a different business entirely. Support has done route blocking to solve ...

jgough by New Contributor
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Campaign Tracking Numbers

Hey y'all, we are new to ST, and for a couple of weeks our tracking numbers associated with campaigns keep going away completely. I have added them back in there a time or two, but they disappear. These are tracking numbers we did not create in ST, s...

Review Tracking for Tech Spiffs

We just started using Marketing Pro for our customer reviews and have linked to google-- previously we used review buzz and the techs could track which customer received a review request and the result how many stars the got, this way they could trac...

mcurtis by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Engage with customers by responding to reviews

When it comes to tracking reviews in Service Titan we struggle with classifying which jobs go to which reviews, although we can see usernames of the customers and other bits of information sometimes there is no way of knowing which reviews are for wh...

wch_alex by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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