Active Memberships

We have a campaign set up for expiring memberships through Chiirp. When we renew memberships early, the current dates still says active and customers are getting reminders even though they already renewed. Is there a way to make previous years member...

timmyc4175 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Renewal Estimates

I am in the process of sending membership renewal estimates out. I've noticed a few customers whose membership has expired but they've already renewed and they are still showing up on the renewal list. I assume that is because the first membership ex...

roushk by New Contributor III
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Dismissing Membership Renewals

Hey Hey! Does anyone know of a way to dismiss membership renewals so they are out of the expiring membership screen in the Follow Up's Tab? We are making sure to notate on the customer notes portion but we aren't seeing a way to completely dismiss th...

Reminder for Memberships

Is there a report or follow up or something we can set as a reminder for our sales reps and technicians that a customer has an upcoming maintenance coming up or to schedule one or that their agreement is expiring and we need to contact them about ren...

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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Issues with Recurring Service Events

Hello,I've noticed some small flaws with Recurring Service Events in ServiceTitan over the past few months that have led to major issues with our record keeping and eaten up hours of my time to fix. I'm sharing here in the hopes that some of this fee...

haleyg94 by New Contributor
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Expiring Memberships - Sort

Until a recent update, we had been able to sort expiring memberships by the membership type in the follow-up tab. Now that the names of them have been changed, it just results in an error when I try to sort them. It also doesn't help if I export the ...

emilybur by New Contributor II
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