Permanently Delete Membership Type

I want to throw out the suggestion of being able to permanently delete items in Service Titan, specifically at this time membership types. Though it's fine for them to be deactivated when choosing a membership for a customer, there isn't an option to...

shandac by New Contributor
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Membership Count

What's the best report and filter to see how many active memberships there were at a given time in the past vs. now. Basically trying to accurately see how many active members there were at the beginning of the year.

tnorman by New Contributor
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Membership Profitability

We have started monthly billing membership plans with a smart monitoring system included. Our expenses for our memberships include a monthly charge for the monitoring system as well as annual or bi-annual in person maintenance. I would like to measur...

CRS by New Contributor
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Membership Questions

Hey everyone!We are just starting to set up our memberships, and I wanted to find out how everyone out there handles the billing. For new installations (we do generators), it is easy to set up monthly payments with the purchase contract. When there i...

thaggerty by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Tracking Membership Renewals with Reports

Hello! I am attempting to track our customer retention in correlation to the number of membership renewals we are achieving on a monthly and yearly basis. However, I am struggling to find a report that provides me with that information. Is anyone awa...

hegersm by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Hey Community, I am looking for a way to utilize service titan in keeping track of which customers have been scheduled versus customer who have not. Both active and inactive customers. ( Like a spreadsheet of some sort of both ) Does anyone use servi...

Chels by New Contributor II
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Dismissing Membership Renewals

Hey Hey! Does anyone know of a way to dismiss membership renewals so they are out of the expiring membership screen in the Follow Up's Tab? We are making sure to notate on the customer notes portion but we aren't seeing a way to completely dismiss th...