Hey Community, I am looking for a way to utilize service titan in keeping track of which customers have been scheduled versus customer who have not. Both active and inactive customers. ( Like a spreadsheet of some sort of both ) Does anyone use servi...

Chels by New Contributor II
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Dismissing Membership Renewals

Hey Hey! Does anyone know of a way to dismiss membership renewals so they are out of the expiring membership screen in the Follow Up's Tab? We are making sure to notate on the customer notes portion but we aren't seeing a way to completely dismiss th...

Tracking Sold Memberships

Since we went live with our memberships we have noticed that they are not being tracked correctly on Service Titan. Typically we will have a technician who goes out to provide an estimate for work. Sometimes if the job is small enough they will compl...

DawnFinch by New Contributor
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How to Identify New Membership Sales

Good Morning All,I'm looking for the best way to identify memberships sold to new customers. I have linked our memberships to a potential member tag. but when I am still generating a report it is capturing every renewed membership and sold membership...

user_f54 by New Contributor II
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Renewal vs New Sale On Memberships

It would be nice if Service Titan would make it so a technician cannot "sell" a new membership if there is an existing one in the last 6 months even if it is expired. I wish it would make them "renew" the membership, not sell a new one. Otherwise it ...

Weldon02 by New Contributor II
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Membership Best Practices

Hey Community Members, I am wondering how other companies structure their memberships in Service Titan? Do your memberships differ from tune ups? How are you tracking your deferred revenue? How are you balancing getting to aged equipment and young tu...

mquigley by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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