Permanently Delete Membership Type

I want to throw out the suggestion of being able to permanently delete items in Service Titan, specifically at this time membership types. Though it's fine for them to be deactivated when choosing a membership for a customer, there isn't an option to...

shandac by New Contributor
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Memberships - Recurring billing

Does anyone use the "recurring billing" feature for memberships? If I am understanding it correctly, I believe this is how I want to set ours up. My goal is to be able to bulk charge memberships by creating a run using the "next bill date" on the mem...

sheila_a by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Bulk Edit Customer Recurring Serivces

I am needing to revise our memberships with some recurring services that were set up initially incorrectly. Is there a way to bulk edit all active members with particular recurring services or additional ones? I am trying to streamline the new servic...

ACooper by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Upgrading Membership Invoice Tasks

We have the option for a customer to upgrade membership A to membership B at any point in time during the membership A contract term. We are trying to create an "upgrade membership" task that technicians can add to the invoice that reflects the price...

Alyssa by New Contributor III
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Membership - Recurring Service

Please upvote this idea here: ServiceWould be nice if we could have a limited # of visits on duration type and still have the option to have the continuous pushout without adding an extra...

Monthly Membership Down Payment

Our techs will often sell a membership while at a diagnostic appointment and perform the first of the recurring services while they are at the customer's home. Some of these would like the monthly payment option. We have always required a down paymen...

NPJ by New Contributor
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