Membership Questions

Hey everyone!We are just starting to set up our memberships, and I wanted to find out how everyone out there handles the billing. For new installations (we do generators), it is easy to set up monthly payments with the purchase contract. When there i...

thaggerty by New Contributor III
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Renewal Estimates

I am in the process of sending membership renewal estimates out. I've noticed a few customers whose membership has expired but they've already renewed and they are still showing up on the renewal list. I assume that is because the first membership ex...

roushk by New Contributor III
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Memberships - Recurring billing

Does anyone use the "recurring billing" feature for memberships? If I am understanding it correctly, I believe this is how I want to set ours up. My goal is to be able to bulk charge memberships by creating a run using the "next bill date" on the mem...

sheila_a by New Contributor III
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Membership Changes

Who is good with memberships that can help me out? I have ongoing memberships that I want to change to annual memberships. I saw there is no way to make the change without canceling or deleting the membership. I'm looking for a work flow to do this.

josh_bab by New Contributor II
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Membership Changeover - Monthly Members

Hello,We are no longer offering some of our plans and have rolled out new plans. I am trying to figure out a way to make a seamless transition for our customers instead of cancelling their membership, cutting them a check and having them pay for the ...

johnsond by New Contributor III
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