Resolved! Phone calls to customers from the field

Please tell me there is a way for my techs to call customers back after an estimate has been sold and the job is completed. Many times they need to follow up and call a customer after the customer has approved an estimate. Support tells me only way t...

LL by New Contributor II
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Get in a tech's face about not arriving

Hey y'all! Go upvote this idea!! I went to post it and someone had beaten me to it. The idea is to change the color of a job on the MOBILE side when a tech dispatches to be very clear they are currently dispatched, and change it again to a different ...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Adding Equipment to Estimate from ST Mobile

Has anyone found a work around for being able to attach equipment to tasks on an estimate in mobile? I know its not a feature available for Mobile users but it is a feature available for Office Users. So weird. This has become a problem for my Trade ...

Msimeonoff by New Contributor II
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