Sales Report with Follow Up Sales

We try to one sit close every job but we have a team inside that follows up on unsold jobs. Our issue is when those jobs sell we are now needing to create a 2nd job, the second job is counting as a new opportunity even when the non op/no charge box i...

Hours Per Task

I was wondering if there was a report that can be ran to determine an average amount of time spent on a specific task. Essentially, we have "Sold Hours" associated to task, but some technicians may finish earlier or later on a task. I was wondering i...

Lou1368 by New Contributor II
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Estimate Templates

Hello! Does anyone know of a report or have the possibility of creating a custom one that can show us which technicians are using estimate templates? We are trying to do some comparisons with closing rates and those that consistently use or don't use...

AmyHart by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Form Submissions report template

Hi everyone! Earlier this year we released a new reporting template ”Form Submissions” to help you report on form responses. We have seen this new template being used to report on a variety of data such as tracking happy calls, inspections, membershi...

by New Contributor III
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Shrinkage Report

Has anyone been able to create a shrinkage report? What I've noticed from the reporting side and dashboards is that there doesn't seem like a lot of great applications for when you are trying to understand your inventory or supply chain. Sure you can...

MGK by New Contributor
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Attachments Report

I don't know if this sounds crazy, but is it possible to request an Attachment Report?I feel like this can be beneficial especially if we wanted to pull a brag file together real quick from all of the pictures our technicians take.The report could of...

josh_via by New Contributor III
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Help on a report

I am trying to build a report for specific job types that don't have a recurring service at the location. I can run completed jobs and also some more reports for recurring services but having trouble running a report that I can have both sets of data...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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