Resolved! PO Items listing by project

I need to create a report that lists all of the items on every PO on a project but I need help, please. The report needs to include the item descriptions to verify all fixture costs are accounted for. Any suggestions?

roushk by New Contributor II
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Touch point reports

Hi . We are trying to see if we can do a client touch point report . This report would include who did the reach out , what type of reach out , Date, Etc.Can such a report be done ? If so please include instructions on how to do it.Thank you

RP1 by New Contributor
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Sales Call Debrief - Best Practices using Service Titan

We are wanting to create "Specials" for our customers based off their motivation to buy. Currently we have a debrief form our Home Solutions Advisors fill out that ask the question "What is the Customers Motivation to Buy?" We would like to somehow c...

Jess by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Customer by Equipment Age Report

The Customer by Equipment Age Report shows up in the Legacy reporting, but nothing similar that I can find in the new reporting. I am trying to create a report for aged equipment but not having much success. Any help would be appreciated!

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Reporting on Technician Splits

I have typically used the Technician Hourly Production Reports to See Splits by Tech and Job. As I'm attempting to streamline payroll and have a dashboard report I cannot seem to find any templates that have splits available. I must be missing it, be...

jpovey by New Contributor III
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Report for Inbound Call Counts by Time/Day

Looking for a report that can easily produce a count of inbound calls received by hour and/or day of the week. I'm still looking for a good report for that if there is one, but my only other would be to export to excel and do a count in based on how ...

robert_y by New Contributor II
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Job Cost Breakdown for Projects

Hello Titians! Is there a report that can be ran that has job cost breakdowns per project. Showing job cost for material, subcontractors, equipment, etc.?

Sewing88 by New Contributor II
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Report on Job Types

Our Job Types could use some house cleaning, and I want to figure out which ones we use the least! Does anyone have a report that they like to use for Job Types?

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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