Resolved! New Customer Report with no appointment scheduled

There are times when a customer calls in, we collect their information, enter them into service titan, but for whatever reason the customer decides not to schedule an appointment. Or there are times we enter in a customers information from an online ...

k_black by New Contributor
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Main Zone vs All Zones

Found a weird data set that makes no sense. We rely heavily on Zones as we serve a very large area. Technicians cross over regularly. Reporting is centralized to three markets and so I appreciate the ability in a technician profile to differentiate a...

mauristi by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Report Option for Revenue by GL Account Totals

There should be an option to build a Report that allows you to generate just the totals for the GL Accounts. Right now we are running a Revenue by Account report and you have to scroll through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of line items before you c...

NicoleMZ by New Contributor II
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Inventory Usage Report

Hey Everyone! Looking to run a report on our inventory for usage of each specific inventoried item for a given time frame, last year for example. We have a report created, but it's broken down by each individual transaction, and for this specific rep...

ashleyle1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Customer Credit Report

I would like be able to see a report that has all current customers that have a credit on their account. The current report "Credit Available" does not show this. I worked with Service titian Tech support to create a new report that shows this and it...

Account view of Projects

When in the customer account view, a customer could have several estimates (none of which have an estimate number), along with several jobs and several projects. It would be nice to have visibility at the account level as to which estimates and jobs ...

seth_tes by New Contributor II
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