Missing Reports

I asked a question about a report to pull and I received some good feedback, but when I go to pull the reports I have been recommended, none of them are there. How do I get more reports, without having to create them myself?

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My company is looking to generate a report that shows new customers booking vs customer with membership booking for the last 365. What would be the best report to generate for this? If anyone has suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Aged Equipment report with a filter for status

I am trying to run/create an aged equipment report but I dont see an option to filter by equipment status (installed, replaced). If that is a fillable field when entering equipment, why is it not a searchable field when generating a report?

jgaleQSC by New Contributor
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tracking outgoing calls

First of all I have no idea if I chose an appropriate "label" for this post, I apologize if I did not. My questions is...Is there a report that tracks OUTBOUND calls using ST?

Reporting on Technician Splits

I have typically used the Technician Hourly Production Reports to See Splits by Tech and Job. As I'm attempting to streamline payroll and have a dashboard report I cannot seem to find any templates that have splits available. I must be missing it, be...

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Resolved! Email Delivery Status Report for Marketing Pro emails

We did an email to our customers using Marketing Pro. These emails do not show up on the Email Delivery Status report. Is there a similar report that we can review for the Marketing Pro emails that are sent out to see the status of these emails?

Tlfrazier by New Contributor II
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Check Audit - Enhancing Payment Audit Process

I would like to bring forth an opportunity for improvement or kindly request input if a solution already exists.Currently, we have successfully implemented automated features for almost all payment functions within Service Titan. However, our account...

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This report changed my mornings!

I am old school, and used to come in each morning, hand write myself notes about all my open service calls and then Football strategy write all over my notepad who's and what's and customers names and numbers.I got sick of it! So I created a report!I...

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