Resolved! Email Delivery Status Report for Marketing Pro emails

We did an email to our customers using Marketing Pro. These emails do not show up on the Email Delivery Status report. Is there a similar report that we can review for the Marketing Pro emails that are sent out to see the status of these emails?

Tlfrazier by New Contributor II
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Check Audit - Enhancing Payment Audit Process

I would like to bring forth an opportunity for improvement or kindly request input if a solution already exists.Currently, we have successfully implemented automated features for almost all payment functions within Service Titan. However, our account...

josh_via by New Contributor III
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This report changed my mornings!

I am old school, and used to come in each morning, hand write myself notes about all my open service calls and then Football strategy write all over my notepad who's and what's and customers names and numbers.I got sick of it! So I created a report!I...

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CSR Scorecard Report

Is there a report available that will allow me to export the information from the CSR Scorecard?

RQUIROZ by New Contributor
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Discounts & Fees and Legacy Reports

We are looking to have the discounts and fees beta option be included somehow into the legacy reports for sales tax. We use Discounts and Fees on every job so when we run reports for sales tax it sounds like they are not showing up. Does anyone have ...

maria_fo by New Contributor
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Error in Report after ST update

After the update, we found that our Opportunity and Estimate Follow Up has a broken link for the Estimate ID. Clicking on the Estimate ID results in an "Action Cancelled:: Error" message and a black screen.We have a work around, as the Opportunity ID...

pblwayne by New Contributor III
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TSYS Reports

Anyone else having issues with the TSYS reports not reflecting thru today's date 10/25/2022. I have deposits in our account but aren't reflecting on the TSYS reports at all. 7 deposits and none of them appear on the TSYS report. Thanks. Jennifer Firs...