Resolved! Power BI with API Key

Has anyone created PowerBI dashboards with an API Key? I'm not sure if this is possible so wanted to check here to see if its been done previously. The reporting and custom dashboards are great on the platform but I'd like to tie multiple tables toge...

sanapol by New Contributor
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Marketing Report Suggestion

The reports and dashboards needs more options for reporting metricsIt exists only for revenue on the modular dashboard but I should be able to make any metric into a bar graph for month over month or whatever time frame I choose.Most common and helpf...

Technician Availability Report

There should be a report that can be generated of Technician Shifts. This will help track Technician shifts, see patterns when techs call out etc.

bruggier by New Contributor III
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Marketing Campaigns Overtime

I would love to see a visualization in dashboards to view KPI's overtime, we are specifically trying to track Total Job Average per campaign overtime. I have tried to do it in excel but it is a lot of manual information that needs to be input. Any he...

kdavis209 by New Contributor
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