Resolved! Timesheet Page Has A Bug?

The timesheets page seems to have a bug. When I try to add an entry on a technician's timesheet it is adding the entry on the day before instead of the current date. Is anyone else having this problem?

Kayladeej by New Contributor III
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Clock in/ out lock outs

Food for thought:We've had issues with some of our techs abusing the "free" clock in time, eating the clock in the mornings and not doing work tasks until 8 am, yet clocking in at 7:30. We were looking into having the clock in feature "locked" until ...

skelly24 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Unpaid Time Off

Is there a way for employees to enter Unpaid Time Off for future date in the same week? My colleague tried entering Unpaid Time Off for this coming Friday and it wouldn't let her do it.

cclarke by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Guardrails for Clock In/ Clock Out?

I know a lot of companies have rules about how early before a shift you can clock in, timeclocks that don't allow anything prior to 15 min early, etc. I have a specific group of "technicians" that are notorious for clocking in at 6am (or earlier) and...

ashsmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Bulk Time Reallocation

Hello,I am wondering if it's possible to reallocate time/ hours from one work ticket to another. I have 500 plus hours allocated to the wrong ticket that I need to move to the correct ticket. If anyone knows if/ how this can be done your help would b...

bpitman by New Contributor II
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Clock in Reminders- Individual Jobs

Our Technicians are constantly forgetting to clock in and out for each individual job. Is there a way we can pre-set reminders to send them a message , 5 minutes or so, before the scheduled appointment time?

paigekno by New Contributor
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Clock in/ clock out

I need to be able to limit my techs from being able to clock in from anywhere. Can we set up something to where they can not clock in unless 100 ft away from jobsite?

Katie_BCP by New Contributor
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