Simple Clock In/ Clock out feature

Good Morning ST World! I want to use the Clock In/Out feature in the most primal way. I just want to see when they clock in/out in relation to when the actually start "working". (An office staff member will be entering there times for the day prior a...

ToniFranco by New Contributor II
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Unaccepted Timekeeping Status?

Hello! Our company is fairly new to the Aspire system and this is our second week doing payroll through Aspire. We have some of our employees whose times have been approved in the weekly time review but when reviewing their time, we see an Approved s...


Clock Out Reminders

If our techs need to return to the office for any reason, we want them to be able to clock out manually rather than when the last job/event is completed. Is there a way to have Titan send them reminders to clock out at the end of each day, to reduce ...

touchetp by New Contributor
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Simple Timesheet Report

I was wondering if there is a simple clock in/clock out report that can be generated just to show technician clock ins/outs. I've messed with custom reports but the whole "idle, working, driving, etc." fields are not what I want to see. These tend to...

Lou1368 by New Contributor II
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Building CSR Schedules

I am new to Service Titan. I have a team of 15 CSRs that span 7 days a week/ 16 Hours a day. I know Service Titan offers the ability for office staff to "clock in and out" but is there a scheduling tool as well that I can use? I like to rotate weeken...

P_Makurat by New Contributor
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Auto clock in after meal?

I have a CSR who tells me that there are times when she returns from her lunch, she is already punched back in. Is there a function with a profile that would cause her to clock back in automatically?

Resolved! View Payroll

Is anyone else having issues where they are unable to see the current week of payroll when you view payroll?

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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Drive Time

Is there a way to turn off drive time? We have commission techs that are not paid for drive time but on every job it adds their drive time to the job costing. We need to remove it for those techs. Is there a way to do so?

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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