Auto clock in after meal?

I have a CSR who tells me that there are times when she returns from her lunch, she is already punched back in. Is there a function with a profile that would cause her to clock back in automatically?

Resolved! View Payroll

Is anyone else having issues where they are unable to see the current week of payroll when you view payroll?

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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Drive Time

Is there a way to turn off drive time? We have commission techs that are not paid for drive time but on every job it adds their drive time to the job costing. We need to remove it for those techs. Is there a way to do so?

ladams76 by New Contributor III
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Converting time clock display

Our payroll platform makes us enter our regular time and overtime in a decimal format - is there a way to change the display on the time sheets to make it a decimal so I dont have to calculate it for every employee?Ex: I work 9hr and 39 min, but in d...

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Resolved! Timesheet Page Has A Bug?

The timesheets page seems to have a bug. When I try to add an entry on a technician's timesheet it is adding the entry on the day before instead of the current date. Is anyone else having this problem?

Kayladeej by New Contributor III
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Clock in/ out lock outs

Food for thought:We've had issues with some of our techs abusing the "free" clock in time, eating the clock in the mornings and not doing work tasks until 8 am, yet clocking in at 7:30. We were looking into having the clock in feature "locked" until ...

skelly24 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Unpaid Time Off

Is there a way for employees to enter Unpaid Time Off for future date in the same week? My colleague tried entering Unpaid Time Off for this coming Friday and it wouldn't let her do it.

cclarke by New Contributor II
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