Paid Meal Breaks - Idea

It would be great if Service Titan could add the option for timesheet codes that allows meals to be paid. Currently, you cannot deactivate this timesheet code "meal" and you cannot adjust it from unpaid to paid.

lmagda by New Contributor
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Sold Hours- Payroll Configuration

We are checking out the payroll configuration with Service Titan and wanted to know if anybody is using Sold Hours by Task to pay their employees. We pay the greater of two pays, either worked hours or the Sold Hours. I would think it would be pretty...

Terrill by New Contributor
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Configurable Payroll

We just created our first configurable payroll profile and it was working great until some of the jobs did not show up on the report that were ran in that payroll week. I shortly realized that the report date range is based off the "invoice date" as ...

Split Commissions in Payroll for Two Technicians

Hi i'm trying to figure out how to split the commissions on payroll. Situation: Two installers are on a job and one technician sells a item. All the commission is going to the technician that sells it... I want to be able to split that commission, an...

jbbrewst by New Contributor II
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How To Pay Installers off sold hours

Hello im looking for how to pay installers off sold hours in configurable payroll.. I see that its a easy setup, but our "sold hours" are more on the equipment level then the service level. Is there a way to pay off the hours in the equipment AND the...

jbbrewst by New Contributor II
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Technician Payroll parameters

Currently we only pay our technicians drive time on the 1st call of the day if it is over a 30 minute drive. IF it is not we don't pay Drive time, however there is not currently a way to set it to pay tech if DT is over 30 minutes. IF there is can yo...

Debbie2 by New Contributor
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Help on a posted batch not showing performance pay

We have posted a batch but the performance pay is not showing on the invoices in that batch for any of our techs with configurable payroll. We haven't done anything different from previous weeks. I sent in a case to support, but thought maybe someone...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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