Resolved! Payroll Reporting

Is there a way to run a report based on pay period that just shows a technicians total hours for the day not each individual job?

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Accepting Checks for Payroll Purposes

When using our old software I was able to go in to the payroll section weekly and see what cash/checks a tech had collected throughout the week. I was then able to "accept" the check or cash meaning the technician had turned it in to the office and w...

Dynamic Price and How it Affects Commission

Bonus pay per task is great, but since we lock in our commission amount instead of a %, it would be great to have multiple bonus $ options with the new Dynamic price.A percentage bonus doesn't help much if we have to raise our prices due to a materia...

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Technician Timesheet Summary by Pay Period

Hello,Could this report be in alphabetical order? Preferably by last name but at this point any alphabetical order would be great. When we add new employees it is at the end and alphabetical order would make more sense.If there is a way to fix this p...

Inova Payroll Processing

After several months of utilizing a new payroll service, we have several employees that do not appear to be categorized correctly for workers comp reporting once their time syncs with the payroll service. Has anyone else had similar issues and how we...

Payroll reports needed in one format

I am having issues matching reports for payroll due to the timesheetsummary calculating time in minutes 15, 30, 45 and the technician timesheetwith tech info showing 15 minutes as 25, 30 minutes as 50 etc. can youchange our master setting and make al...

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