Timesheet report for total hours by Activity

We use the timesheets for the technicians in ST, and at the end of the week I need to pull a report showing the total hours keyed to each activity.I.E. we have "Shoptime" and "Meetings" as an Activity in the timesheets. At the end of the week I need ...

Piccinini by New Contributor II
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Rounding Hours to 15-minute intervals

Most payroll programs round payroll time to the nearest quarter hour or 15-minute interval. Service Titan tracks job time by the minute but does allow for the billing by the quarter hour interval. Why doesn't payroll in Service Titan round to the nea...

Range Bonus Reporting

Hello, I'd like to start using Range Bonuses. Unfortunately, there isn't a report that shows how the bonuses are calculated. Yes we'd be able to see the bonus total of each job on the Payroll report, but we want to know which dollar amount fell into ...

gina_sim by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Performance Pay Not Showing In Reporting

When I look at the payroll approval dashboard it is showing the performance pay on the technicians. When I run the Master Pay File, Run Payroll Report, or Master Pay File by Pay Period then the reports are blank and don't show any of the details. Has...

jbbrewst by New Contributor II
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Signed Timesheets - printing in bulk

It would be a good idea if we were able to print all the approved, signed timesheets in bulk instead of one by one. In my case I have to scan them to corporate and it would save a great deal of time to print all employees at once. Can we make this ha...

ksmith by New Contributor
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