Locking Non-Job Events

Does anyone know if you're able to lock non-job event so that no one can modify it, other than the person who created it? We have a daily recurring event on the dispatch board that triggers a commission form for the technicians to fill out. In order ...

additional commission for certain tasks

We are wanting to give certain price book items an additional %. Was hope there was an automatic way instead of manually doing each payroll adjustmentSo if my tech is set up for 5% but they want task 1,2,3 and then 7, 8, 9 to give them 10%. Hoping so...

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Resolved! Payroll and burden rate

So I was trying to find out why my burden was not showing up on service tickets. If I have read right, I need payroll active? We are processing payroll now through QB and I don't want to switch. How do I get burden rates to show up for job ticket pro...

Teresa by New Contributor
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Plumbing SPIFFs

Would anyone be willing to share their plumbing SPIFF program? We just launched a plumbing division and are curious to see how other companies do this.

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Converting time clock display

Our payroll platform makes us enter our regular time and overtime in a decimal format - is there a way to change the display on the time sheets to make it a decimal so I dont have to calculate it for every employee?Ex: I work 9hr and 39 min, but in d...

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Resolved! Guardrails for Clock In/ Clock Out?

I know a lot of companies have rules about how early before a shift you can clock in, timeclocks that don't allow anything prior to 15 min early, etc. I have a specific group of "technicians" that are notorious for clocking in at 6am (or earlier) and...

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