Timesheet report for total hours by Activity

We use the timesheets for the technicians in ST, and at the end of the week I need to pull a report showing the total hours keyed to each activity.I.E. we have "Shoptime" and "Meetings" as an Activity in the timesheets. At the end of the week I need ...

Piccinini by New Contributor II
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Paid Meal Breaks - Idea

It would be great if Service Titan could add the option for timesheet codes that allows meals to be paid. Currently, you cannot deactivate this timesheet code "meal" and you cannot adjust it from unpaid to paid.

lmagda by New Contributor
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Our techs are not using the I-Pads yet. Does anyone know of an easier way to do timesheets? We do input their timesheets for the Jobs, but some jobs have multiple trips out to the service location and without them using the iPads. I haven't found an ...

Wwoods by New Contributor
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Hello, I am wondering if there is a way that Service Titan can automatically change the Clock in and/or Clock out time to the quarter hour to make it easier.Thank you! Have a great day:)

Kacey by New Contributor
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Suggestion: Unpaid Idle time Tech Notifications

We have set our up our Idle time so that any Idle over 60 minutes is unpaid. However, we have techs that do not review their timesheets at the end of their day to verify it is correct. I would love to see an option to have the system give them a popu...

CheriM by New Contributor
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Simple Timesheet Report

I was wondering if there is a simple clock in/clock out report that can be generated just to show technician clock ins/outs. I've messed with custom reports but the whole "idle, working, driving, etc." fields are not what I want to see. These tend to...

Lou1368 by New Contributor II
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QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Import

Hello! I'm curious to know if anyone is processing payroll in QuickBooks using ServiceTitan timesheets/reports. How are you importing paydata from ST into QB? (please don't say manually) Thanks for your help!- Sheena @ NIFT