on-call pay

We are fairly new to Service Titan and are trying to allocate on-call pay to OT hours in timesheets. This sometimes occurs BEFORE they reach the threshold of 40 hours. Currently these hours are being included in regular hours, and the workaround is p...

Drive Home on Job Costing

Since we have such a large service area, we have been using a timesheet code with automatic commute deduction to pay our technicians for their drive home. This works for their paycheck, but the job costing reports are a mess. We really need that time...

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Time Off

Is there a way for the techs to see their time off on the mobile side without using a non job event ?

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With our company, when a technician is on call for the week they are guaranteed 4 hours of pay. How do you put this on the technician so that it will show up automatically on their timesheet summary at the end of the week. I have not found any inform...

Converting time clock display

Our payroll platform makes us enter our regular time and overtime in a decimal format - is there a way to change the display on the time sheets to make it a decimal so I dont have to calculate it for every employee?Ex: I work 9hr and 39 min, but in d...

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Random Clock in

The past two weeks I have had one day where my technicians were clocked in when not working, last week they were clocked in at midnight on a Saturday and clocked out at 11:59 PM, anyone else noticed anything like this.