Welcome to the Titan Lounge!

Hi everyone and welcome! Whether you've just joined or have been with us for years, this is the perfect spot to introduce yourself, celebrate achievements (like earning your ServiceTitan Certified Administrator certificate or joined Torch Network), a...

e_dunn by Former Titan
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Hello, my name is Denise, I wanted to introduce myself. I am currently going through the Service Titan Certified Administrator Program and am trying to build my habit of being more active in the community. We have been using Service Titan since 2018 ...

disimpso by New Contributor III
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Hello Everyone! Happy Monday!

Hi,My name is Letty. I am at a Roofing company now, helping our team transition to Service Titan and set up processes. My experience with Service Titan started in 2019 and has developed over the years in the HVAC industry. I'm now looking to take the...

Just introducing myself

Hey All, Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Andrew and I work for an HVAC and Plumbing company in the Hudson Valley of NY. I appreciate all of the insight I get from the community page!

aricci92 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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New Hires

Is anyone else doing new things that are working? Any tips you are willing to share?

vanessag1 by New Contributor II
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Project Backlogs

Good Morning Everyone. I wanted to see if anyone has successfully made a report that would show your backlog for sold projects. I haven't been able to find a report that would show the contract amounts versus what has been billed. Thanks in advance

jpbeyer by New Contributor II
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Online Quickbooks Class Issues

Hello All, Can someone help me with a mapping issue. So we have all our busniess units talking to our classes in QB online. When we process invoices they all land in the correct class in quickbooks. But we cannot for the life of us get the Purchase o...

Good morning

Happy Friday everyone!! I love that we have a community that is always here to help. I have learned so much from being in the Torch Network program and the Spark Sessions are amazing and very informative, If you have signed up for them, you need to r...

CNorman-GDM by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Good Morning!

It's a snowy morning in Michigan today!We've been with ST for 4 years and I guess I've never said Hi!

kat_r by New Contributor II
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Hi There Titans!

Have been on this for some time and never had seen this group. Great to see so many contributors here!

mdaniels1 by New Contributor II
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