CSR / Dispatcher - NEW Monthly Lunch and Learn Sessions - HERE in the Community!

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Last month, our CSRs and Dispatchers in the CSR / Dispatcher Community group, held a virtual meet and greet!  We learned about each other, our companies, and discussed challenges as well as wins. It was such a success, that we are going to start meeting on a monthly basis.

Our next Lunch and Learn is going to be on March 23, at 11:30 am PT / 2:30 pm ET.

This is exclusive to our group members. To participate join the CSR / Dispatcher group here in the Community, and then register for the next event by using the registration link on the group page.

If there are specific topics you'd like to go over, or if you have a phone call you'd like me to review on the during the meeting, please send me a message or comment below.

And remember, in a few weeks, I’m joining Jackie Aubel on Toolbox for the Trades to record a special “Toolbox On Call” episode where we’ll answer your call center, CSR, and customer service questions!

Simply call (818) 600-7185 and leave a brief voicemail explaining your question; don’t forget to include your name! 

Hope to see you in the group!


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That link registered me for every lunch and learn starting in April and did not include March 23rd is there a separate link for that one?

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Let me check! Thanks for calling that out!

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Should work now @felicitymonsees ! Let me know.

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Excited for this!!