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Are there any service titan reps here? Is ST looking at expanding its commercial customer base?

I love the idea of the community and love the idea of the upvoting to help mold ST from the users needs. The problem I see is the commercial side of things. The up voting doesn't work for us commercial companies. I don't know the actual percentages but lets say 85% of ST users are residential based. Then commercial recommendations don't stand a chance at enough votes in the community since it wont help 85% of the existing customer base. 

Some examples of residential based ST that is a pain in commercial work:

Estimates, 75% of all service calls have to have the repairs that are needed quoted to the customer who isn't on site. When the estimators are doing the quote you have to open the different tabs (materials, tasks, equipment, etc) select one thing then open the tab again find another thing etc, etc. Why cant we just open the material tag and select multiple items so we save a ton of time. We have multiple estimators in the company working on quotes all day long. I would be scared if I looked at how many times a day our company has to open the tabs when each one is opened between 5 and 20 times per quote.

Customer portal, What a great idea! Too bad commercial invoices aren't completed fully at the close of the job because of national account requirements, and adding pricing for obscure parts. How about commercial customer portal options?? One that shows all work orders and not invoices at the close of the job and all estimates can also be attached so the customer that has 30 or more locations can visit one site and see all his work orders and open quotes and what's going on at his sites? That would be worth its weight in gold for our customers and us!  

Where do we pitch these simple little commercial based changes that are needed where they will actually get traction and be addressed??? 



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I recommend dropping your ideas in the ideas section. Those ideas can be as broad or as narrow as you want them to be. If you want it to get attention, then post it with a link to it so that people can easily go give it a vote! 

We do quite a bit of commercial work as well and could see some changes being made that would be beneficial!

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One of these is in the idea section:

This is the issue, I don't think there is enough commercial based companies to get enough votes. Or my idea just sucks hahahaha!

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Thanks for sharing the link. I voted! I don't think it's a bad idea! You might be right that there are not as many commercial based companies to get enough votes.


I agree with @Miranda , @Leehvac make these into ideas and i'll vote for them. The commercial side needs more development. 

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🎉🎉 I believe @spetrie and @Miranda beat me to it but yes we do quite a bit of commercial and residential so we could always advocate for building out the commercial features! I’ll vote if you keep us up to date on the ideas you add 😃

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

@Leehvac are you part of the Torch network? 

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I have to say I'm not familiar with torch network. But to be honest I'm not the most active in the community either because of my work load. I try and check in every so often but I'm always on the run!