Materials + Equipment Breakdown Feature Request

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It would be great if on the Project page there was a full material/equipment breakdown. There's places to access it such as the invoice etc. but parts could be spread over multiple invoices or the same item could be on two separate estimates for two different phases.

It would be awesome to be able to pull up a full list that combines the total and lists it as one line item. For example if we have an invoice for the back yard and an invoice for the front yard with a specific light being sold, let's say a small cap light. The front yard has 10 and the back yard has 15 it would be great to see that 25 small cap lights were used on this project.

To take it a step further it could be similar to the financials page with a budget and an actual where on the estimate we sold them 25 small cap lights but ended up installing 30. 

Or the salesman estimated that it would take 2 gallons of paint but it ended up taking 3 or something similar. This would make it easier to review and adjust pre-built services with materials to have more accurate estimates to protect our margins. We could then adjust that service to account for 3 gallons of paint for future similar projects.


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This was not my idea but would be extremely useful for any project especially larger commercial projects.

Go vote for it! 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @nce22, great idea! Thanks for sharing the upvote link here. 




Sound familiar?  


Love this!!!