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 Meet Your Scheduling Pro - Live Service Agents

Get ready for an unparalleled customer experience with our Scheduling Pro - Live Service Agents! Our agents are proficient in the home service industry and are dedicated to providing a personalized and professional experience with every call and chat. But it doesn't stop there - our agents undergo a rigorous 4-week/160-hour onboarding and training program that equips them to handle any challenge!

At Schedule Engine, our agents possess the essential skills to comprehend the unique demands and expectations of the home services industry right from the start. Our virtual classroom instruction and interactive Interplay Learning Paths are the keystones of our unparalleled industry-centric approach. 

And the learning never stops! At Schedule Engine, we wholeheartedly prioritize the growth and development of our employees. We firmly believe in providing them with unparalleled industry training opportunities. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, conducting routine knowledge checks, and offering personalized training materials, we empower our valued agents to elevate their professional journeys and remain at the forefront of their fields. Rest assured; our agents are always up-to-date and equipped to assist customers with anything from routine maintenance to emergency calls.

Our team members are supported around the clock by an extensive network of teammates and supervisors. Collaboration is a crucial component of our workday. Several agents are adept in voice and chat interactions and are happy to jump into the queue with the highest volume effortlessly.

At Schedule Engine, our live voice and chat agents are backed by dedicated Training and QA departments, along with their supervisors. We are committed to delivering the best possible service and go to great lengths to get the job done.



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