Schedule Engine Acquisition

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I am curious how many people use Schedule Engine. We are considering setting this up, and we understand that ServiceTitan just acquired Schedule Engine. 


When we originally looked at this, we had concerns about the call center. Is anyone else willing to share their experience?


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @Matthew_7  -- at a shop I worked at we used SE, and I also assisted other companies configure their system to integrate. This was such a useful tool for our call center because it allows us to expedite those automated calls by customers online who prefer that route and more time on the phone building relationships with others who chose to speak with a person on the other line.

Once setup correctly, you will be able to accurately map job types and business units to get this working to your advantage. Another thing I liked about using SE was that it empowered customers to tell us exactly what services they needed and could upload pics/vids that would live on those jobs.

What concerns do you have with setting this up?

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I use Schedule Engine! Right now, we only use it for Sales Appointments, and for recurring services. Which basically means that we dont have it broadcasted on our website, only on our marketing pro emails. This is because we have not set up a better way of scheduling for same day appointments. We would have to change our companies process in scheduling in order to make same day service calls work for schedule engine. Not something we have implemented yet, but are going to talk about in the future! I am hoping the acquisition helps to make that change easier!

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@Matthew_7 Hello! I don't have any first hand experience or testimonial from customers to reference but thought you might want some resources. And yes, Schedule Engine is part of the ST family now!

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Hey @Matthew_7 I believe Leslie Harpole does at Champion Plumbing. I would tag her but I don't think she's is on community yet.