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Okay, I am trying to get better at getting back into communities and not relaying so much on Facebook. haha (which I will probably post this on Facebook well)

I am currently working on utilizing our Market Pro more. I love how much we can do...just need to actually do it. 

I want to set up a retain campaign for new customers. My hope/goal is that once a job is completed for a new customer, that an automated campaign will send an email saying thanks for trusting us and providing a little more information about us and what we offer. How do I go about setting up an audience to send something to a new customer only... after a job is completed? So, only send to a customer that this is the first job we have ever done for them. 

I currently have Auto Campaigns for Open Estimates, Idle Customers, Open Balances, Happy Birthday (for equipment), Thank you, and Aged Equipment. Anyone have any other suggestions or cool campaigns that they use? 

I appreciate you all so much!!! You Ladies ROCK! (hugs)


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I love this idea. Are you able to upload a custom flyer or photo in these emails/texts? We want to use this option but it seems limited to what you can do. 

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Loveeee this idea!

You'll want to set a dynamic value in the Customer "Created On" field - I would suggest previous 7 days or something. And then you'll want to set a dynamic job completed date or invoice date of 1 day in the past. 

Posting in case anyone else could benefit from this too - but this is also a great way to cross-sell if you do multiple trades. If that is your goal, you can make sure that the job or invoice field reflects a business unit, and then the email is targeted to the opposite trade(s). 

Let me know if you need additional help here!

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This is awesome. Thank you!