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Performance pay questions for garage door companies

Hello Everybody,I was looking for some advice on switching to performance pay. We have Installers, Service Techs, and some of the installers are Hybrids. Paying the service techs is easy enough with commission and Sold-by rates. But how do you pay yo...

jarrettd by New Contributor III
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Does anyone have a list of all the Integrations ST is compatible with?

EleazarA by New Contributor
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Dispatch Pro ROI

We are looking at getting Dispatch Pro in the future does anyone have any real like ROI number I can take to the owner to help sell this product? Any testimonials would be great.Thank you

Zachkays by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Hi from Florida's West coast!Would love to connect with anyone in with heavy construction management to brain storm work flows on project tracking and progress billing etc.. Let me know if this is you! Look forward to connecting

hello from tampa

I am here to learn from the community to make sure our team uses Service Titan to its full potential. Working together as a community is special to me since Ember sessions. Hoping to keep that going thank you Endie

jessylong by New Contributor III
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Shrinkage Report

Has anyone been able to create a shrinkage report? What I've noticed from the reporting side and dashboards is that there doesn't seem like a lot of great applications for when you are trying to understand your inventory or supply chain. Sure you can...

MGK by Visitor
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AIA Billing $0.01 Issue

Hello Titans! I was wondering if anyone has had an issue with AIA billing, and getting to 100% and it wont process $0.01? It has happened several times on my end where, say for example there is $609.10 left to bill and we go to bill that amount to bi...

Sewing88 by New Contributor II
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