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At ServiceTitan, our top priority has always been the success of our customers. After a thorough review of our customer experience, it has been identified that you are being directed to multiple places in order to access information, receive support, and connect with others about best practices and other industry trends.

In an effort to simplify your experience and centralize our resources, we will be moving key aspects of the ServiceTitan Community to live within ServiceTitan’s platform. With this transition, we will be sunsetting the ServiceTitan Community platform in October 2024.

The following key Community features will then become available on the ServiceTitan platform: Ideas, Events Calendar, Announcements, and CSM contact information. The ability to contact Support and manage your support cases is already available with ServiceTitan's Help Center. In our transition, Programs, Discussions, and Groups will be decommissioned July 24, 2024. Content once located in Programs and Discussions will then be found in the Knowledge Base.

We thank you for your contributions to Community. We hope you will continue to engage with your fellow customers on Facebook Group, ServiceTitan Masterminds, the official social group for current ServiceTitan customers. Masterminds leverages Facebook Groups to create an environment where customers can network with industry professionals, ask questions about ServiceTitan and business strategy, share tips and tricks, and learn from community and brand-shared resources. We have a dedicated team at ServiceTitan to moderate and support Masterminds, and have made a concerted effort to encourage engagement and networking in a positive way to combat the negative sentiment we have seen in the past. We hope that you'll join us there and help make it a better experience for all customers.


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Zapier and email parsing

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has any zaps that have worked for them to be able to parse their emails? For example, you receive a purchase order and the information gets placed into ServiceTitan automatically? Any information will help! Thank you.

Account Profile balance due field.

I use the Balance due field on an accounts customer side for Red flag issues that might be happening.Now it will not show a balance due when a customer puts down a down payment. $-150.00 and their job has not been completed yet. The job is still in p...

mschmidt by New Contributor
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Summer Release

Good morning everyone, I just watched the Blue Collar Nerd video for the Summer 2024 Release. I loved the video! However, I was trying to follow along (as I always do with his videos) and I don't have 1/2 of the features that he was stating that were...

General Ledger Accounts

Hi, We are looking at potentially re-doing our general ledger accounts due to our company expansions into different lines of home services. However, we are hitting a wall for how to structure it. Does any one have any recommendations and samples of h...

natalie_ by New Contributor
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Membership Help Needed Please!

Memberships are not my strong point, but I know enough to get done what needs done...usually. I have a client that for some reason has a membership with a 2 year duration, but it should only be 1 year. I tried to edit the "From" and "To" date and eve...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Credit Card payment "Approved," why?

Why is "Approved" now being put in the memo on Credit Card payment? I mean, the Transaction Status already states "Success."We use the Memo for card info or if someone other than the customer paid. So I am having to delete the "Approved" on every tra...

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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Sales Reporting

Anyone not seeing office sales for won estimates on Dashboard Sales? They are not coming up under Report either. All my business units are turned on. I can find the original approved estimate and the completed job but the reporting is only showing th...

LuisEfren by New Contributor
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