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Quickbooks online VS. Desktop

Has anyone ever switch from desktop version to online?? We are looking at switching and would like to know what are the PROS and COS for doing this?? Any feedback will help on online version. Thanks

Eramirez1 by New Contributor
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Dispatch Texts GPS Tracking

So we integrated Clear path GPS and noticed our dispatch texts now don't have GPS tracking because it only works with Native. Is anyone else having these issues? What are the pros of having clear path integrated if we can't use it for what it is desi...

Newman by New Contributor
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Payables - Vendor editing permission

It would be helpful for employees who do not have access to Settings to have the ability to edit vendor information for the Payables feature. For example, we would like to grant permission for our Accounts Payable specialist to edit the remittance ve...

ngoggin_ by New Contributor
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Competitive Advantages in Ads

We started highlighting some of the functionality in ServiceTitan, such as interactive scheduling and auto texted bios in our ads and it appears to be working. Wanted to share the link: https://youtu.be/eXDIjK8sHLo

tomhowar by New Contributor II
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YouTube short videos - the new marketing trend?

A couple of weeks ago my team participated in a local parade. I took some photos and videos on my phone, and I wanted to share one of the videos (only 17 seconds long) with my team at our company meeting this morning to highlight my team and thank th...

trending youtube video.png
by Contributor II
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Job sub-menu when linking from dispatch board

Hey @bmckechn, I saw your idea post indicating that when you click on a job from the dispatch board, you get a sub menu that you then have to skip by to actually get to the job. We have been upgraded but I'm not seeing that problem, so I suspect that...

michael21 by Contributor II
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Summary of Findings

Hello, we currently utilize a SKU as the way technicians are putting summary of findings on every estimate. With estimate templates we have technicians complaining about having to copy and paste their summary of findings into every estimate and it is...

barbara_6 by New Contributor II
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Data Extracts for data mart

We would like to extract our Service Titan data so we can build a true reporting data mart and build custom metrics on our data. The current API is very limited in what data can be extracted, Is there a plan to either 1. add a much more robust CRM re...

j_fritze by New Contributor II
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