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Merging locations

Hi Guys! Does anyone have any tips on how to easier merge locations? Thank you!

LD22 by New Contributor II
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Map 2.0

Hi everyone, Hope you are all doing well. Can someone please explain to me how to use Map 2.0? I have it open, but I am not too sure of how to work it. Thank you!

tmatzuy by New Contributor II
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Phantom Job Notifications

When booking a job and turning off the checkmark, it seems that our customers still get notifications as though a tech is coming to their job if it rolls over to another day unless we turn off the job notifications. What is your experience with this?


When you make a payment, it just shows "visa" We have customer with multiple cards on file and if they call and ask which card we ran, we have no way of telling. I would like to see if it would at least put the last 4 of the card so we can tell which...

Marketing Pro - Common Strategies for Email Campaigns

Marketing Pro - Common Strategies for Email Campaigns In response to popular demand, we've created this Common Strategies for Email Campaigns guide specifically for you to assist with your Email Campaigns! Whether you're a seasoned marketing manager ...

0101703-ScheduleEngine-MarketingProEmailCampaign-Blog-600x300@2x.png 0101703-ScheduleEngine-MarketingProEmailCampaign-Blog-600x300@2x.png
by Contributor III
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Text Expander Is anyone currently using this program? Wondering if the return on investment is worth it. Also curious as to how much quicker this process is rather than having a document of templates that the CSR can cop...

michelle54 by New Contributor III
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Editing the total cost in a purchase order

There should be a way to edit the total cost per item on a purchase order. Currently we are only able to edit the individual item cost. There are times we are a few cents off due to rounding, and it would make it much easier to be able to edit the to...

neiamech by New Contributor
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Recurring Service Events

Is there a way when you are in the chat section and booking a recurring service event for the job details to automatically be entered (pop up) instead of having to enter it all in? Hope that makes sense.

Managing Service Agreement Visits

One of our service agreements has 44 locations, each location has 4 visits totaling 176 visits. I have only found two ways to book those visits: from the Service Agreement dashboard or from the "visits" under operations. Only one column can be filter...

Jase1000 by New Contributor II
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