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ServiceTitan Certified Admin Typo

I am working on becoming a ServiceTitan Certified Administrator. I just came across a question that has the wrong directions for the question. Just thought this should be brought to someone’s attention if you don’t already know.

Miranda by New Contributor III
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Auto dispatch

How do you set up the system to dispatch the techs next call automatically once they complete a job?

BowmanJ by Visitor
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Requiring picture's

How to you make it a requirement for the technician to upload certain picture's before closing out a job?

BowmanJ by Visitor
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Live Webinar: Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center

On this webinar, join Principal Industry Advisor Angie Snow and learn how you can empower your CSRs to increase their booking rates and dispatchers to maximize revenue by turning them into sales pros. CSRs are the voice of the company and need to mak...

by New Contributor
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Phone Recording Attachment

We have noticed that when a customer calls in and has multiple locations listed on their file, instead of attaching to the specific location we click on, it attaches to all of the locations. Is there any way in the near future that it can attach sole...

Purchasing or Inventory Management

So, I am trying to figure out which product will fit our needs the best. I am wanting something that will log materials into Service/Drain Cleaning/ Installation. If I do Purchasing and send my PO over into QBO will that show it? Or do I have to do I...

KristinS1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Service Titan CSR app

The Service Titan app is designed for Technicians. If you are not a technician, you cannot sign into the app. If Service Titan does not want to allow this, it would be great if they created a CSR App. One that would allow easy access to dispatch boar...

jason_ho by New Contributor II
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Membership Billing & Payment Terms

https://servicetitan-community.ideas.aha.io/ideas/COMMUNITY-I-2569 Currently, when processing membership invoices, the invoices are created using the system default settings, completely ignoring the payment terms set on the customer. This is horrible...

pblwayne by New Contributor III
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