How do you have your BU set up?

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In our industry we tend to have some unique things and i think one of them is that we can have a retail space, along with service and installations. How have you separated these departments in your company using BU's?


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Great question! We here at Fluesbrothers have a few different business units for this. We, as you said, do retail sales often. Whether that be selling units & gas logs or through counter sales like caps and chase top covers. I will show an example of the way we do it down below! I am interested to see what other people do as well! Screenshot 2023-04-19 091633.png

 We use the counter sales business unit for things like chase top covers, caps, made to fit outside mount chimney caps, and other things such as glass cleaner, etc. 

We use the Fluesbrothers Show Room business unit for when customers come into the shop to look at options like gas & wood burning units as well as gas logs! 

Feel free to share with us what you do at your shop I am very interested in knowing how others are navigating this! 

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