Welcome to ServiceTitan Groups

If you are interested in connecting, networking, and collaborating with others on a particular topic or interest, then joining a ServiceTitan Community Group is for you! Within a Group, you may participate in discussions, share your insights and experiences, ask for feedback, and receive guidance from fellow Community members. It’s a space for one-on-one conversations where you can easily connect and engage with others with similar interests.
We have three main types of groups:
  • Open: Anyone is free to join who has a ServiceTitan Community account. Examples of these groups tend to be more industry specific or broad range audiences (such as Lady Titans, Water Treatment, etc.)
  • Closed: These types of groups are considered “by invite only” where the group owner must add you to the group. If you are interested in joining one of those groups, we recommend you private message the group owner before requesting to join. Examples of these groups tend to be more ServiceTitan program specific
  • Hidden: These groups will only be visible if you have been invited to be to join them. Examples of these groups include specific Beta testing, etc.
As with everything else in the community, please follow the Community Guidelines.  Have an idea for a new group? Reach out to us at community@servicetitan.com and let us know!