Empowering our customers in the trades

SparkSessions are small groups of non-competitor ServiceTitan customers who have a good understanding of the software. This free program meets once per month for just an hour. Each group comes together with an expert ServiceTitan facilitator for a focused, user-driven conversation on a specific topic on ServiceTitan and industry practices. Come join SparkSessions to contribute and learn new tips and tricks to help your business!

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What is a SparkSession?

SparkSessions are groups of ServiceTitan customers who have similarities in their businesses. Each month, they join a ServiceTitan facilitator and their peers for a focused, user-driven conversation on a specific topic related to using ServiceTitan more efficiently. We focus on how people actually use the software.

Additionally, we offer multiple networking opportunities that are exclusive to people in SparkSessions. Past SparkSessions have included social events like trivia and fireside chats with ServiceTitan co-founder Vahe Kuzoyan.

What are the topics in a SparkSession?

This 11-session series follows the TitanAdvisor components. Topics include:

  1. Meeting the group
  2. CRM, Telecom, & Customer Communications
  3. Dispatch
  4. Technician Experience, Forms, & Media
  5. Pricebook, Supply Chain, Purchasing, & Inventory
  6. Projects & Follow Ups
  7. Memberships
  8. Accounting & Payroll
  9. Integrations
  10. Marketing
  11. Reporting

Each cohort will follow these topics in order, covering one per month.

How is SparkSessions different from Masterminds/Success Calls/PowerUser?

Great question! These are user-driven conversations. While we do have training and product adoption goals (mapped to TitanAdvisor), above all else, we want customers to feel a sense of community and have a network of peers they can brainstorm with. Each SparkSession group has 5–10 people from different companies, so there’s lots of room to generate ideas and share best practices. The facilitator will pose questions like, “how often do you review CSRs' call recordings, and what is your process for coaching?” and open up a discussion.

The purpose of SparkSessions is not to replace success calls or to solve for complex workflows. Even with complex topics, the questions will be pointed. Unlike in the Mastermind Group, our facilitator will be actively present in the conversation and will ensure that only correct information is disseminated. This program is very similar to Power User Workshop and is our attempt at changing the format to something that works better for our customers. It’s possible this will replace Power User Workshop in the future

How does someone sign up for SparkSessions?

ServiceTitan customers can fill out our interest form here.

What will people gain/what is the value of SparkSessions?

We hope everyone gains two things:

  • Better understanding of ServiceTitan
  • Better sense of community for ServiceTitan users

SparkSessions was created off the request of a customer who wanted to “speak to other people like him” at different companies. From that request SparkSessions was created, so people could speak to non-competing companies in an open line of communication, while being facilitated by someone here at ServiceTitan.

What should attendees expect in a SparkSessions?

These sessions are almost entirely customer driven. This is not meant to be a lecture or have the facilitator just speak for the entire hour. The facilitator is meant to start the conversation, steer folks in the right direction, call on folks who haven’t talked/contributed, but this is mostly driven by the customers.

We will always be sure to touch on a couple features that we think will be relevant to the group and topic, but the questions and topics customers bring for discussion will always “drive” these sessions. The less the facilitator talks, the better.