Resolved! Creating own dashboard

I learned that we can create and design our own dashboard in Service Titan! How cool is that?! I want to complete some training on this before I dive in but definitely a back burner project I'd love to try! Have any of you created your own custom das...

Resolved! Ordering parts workflow

Hello fellow CSRs and dispatchers!As CSRs I know we often take on a wide variety of roles. I am wondering how your office workflow runs. Do the CSRs or someone in the office order the parts for the technicians service calls as well as restocking or d...

Resolved! Features that you would love to have

Brainstorming with my field technicians this morning and we were talking about ST features we'd love to have. The one that came up unanimously was to have ST automatically send out the invoices. I don't know if that is possible, or perhaps even somet...

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Job Summary Field

Whew! I made the cut for our Favorite Things - 12 Days of Titans! Of course I had to highlight the job summary field. It's my favorite thing to help CSRs remember the right questions to ask!

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Our FAVORITE THINGS at ServiceTitan

Big shout out to @JessicaSmith for her 12 Days of Titan Favorite Things video!! I couldn't agree more with this! Prior to ServiceTitan I h...

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Who uses the NEXT environment to train new CSRs?

The ServiceTitan NEXT environment is not only an awesome place to see what's coming in the next release, but it's the perfect place to train new CSRs. If you've never logged into the NEXT environment before, watch this quick video for some cool tips!

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Anyone have any office pets?

I would love to be able to bring my dog into the office every day. I don't have a dog right now, and I'm not totally sure how my boss would feel about it, lol.In the meantime, I have a betta fish named Soup. I would love to hear about your non-human ...

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