Regular Dispatch/Admin Meetings

Hey Dispatcher friends! We have a group member who is anxious to see what a typical weekly Dispatch/Admin meeting looks like. We are looking for a few group members that would: 1) Be willing to share an agenda 2) Be willing to do a virtual/zoom meeti...

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Hi!! We are looking for insight on how others split the roles of CSR/Dispatcher.We are an HVAC / Plumbing / Remodeling Company. Looking for ideas / thoughts on having one person as CSR/Dispatcher for HVAC and another for Plumbing, or having one perso...

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Send one email for bulk estimates

Please help vote When we send a customer several estimates - they receive several separate emails. Can we make it so when we send them their options (IE one repair estimate, three replacement options) they get it in ONE email? This would make it easi...

Please help vote!!

Greetings fellow CSRs! We have property managers who are receiving literally a hundred emails from us per week. Can we change it so when our techs send them estimates from the field the Estimate Name is more descriptive? It should have the location i...

Office calendar in ST!

We would absolutely LOVE to see an office calendar within ST. We will often add non-job events to office staff's lines so they remember what meetings they have. However, it would be so much more convenient to add jobs to office staff's lines. For exa...

Dispatcher Goals

Good Morning,I am not a dispatcher however I am looking for what everyone suggests or follows for dispatchers. Do you have goals such as they need to call 40 customers a day and try to get them booked? We are hoping to add some guidelines and some st...

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CSR Lunch and Learn Recap - Confidence

Hey friends! Thank you to those who were able to join our Lunch and Learn meeting today. I appreciate your attendance! Also, a big thank you to @BrittanyB and @emsmith for helping us in our breakout rooms. These calls are for YOU, so I was happy to h...

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Remember our CSR Group Monthly Lunch and Learn TOMORROW!

Hello amazing CSRs, Dispatchers and Managers!! I'm very excited to meet with all of you tomorrow at 11:30am PT / 2:30 pm ET! We will be talking about how to increase your confidence in your current role! Make sure you're registered for the call, or c...

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Sales objection handling - Resource

I came across this article today that has an 18 minute podcast attached to it.It is titled: Sales Objection Handling: 8 Responses to the “I’m Not Interested” Objection

CSR and Dispatcher Roles

Hello everyone, I am looking for a detailed list of jobs that you have for CSR and Dispatcher. I have one CSR at the moment and I am the dispatcher and Service Coordinator. Eventually, I will just be the Service Coordinator and will train someone els...

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