Performance pay questions for garage door companies

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Hello Everybody,

I was looking for some advice on switching to performance pay.  We have Installers, Service Techs, and some of the installers are Hybrids.  Paying the service techs is easy enough with commission and Sold-by rates.  But how do you pay your Installers without jumping up to configurable payroll?  Pay commission on the install labor item?  Also, then how do you get them to do shop work, LOL.

What if i have an installer that runs service one day?

Any advice, articles, points of contact, would be greatly appreciated.

Examples would be helpful too.  Id like to show my guys a clear pathway to $100k.

Ive built loads of spreadsheets, but i'd like to hear what Y'all are doin



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Hey Jarett! I think configurable payroll is your best option to solve for this, It has to be set up properly, but once setup It works amazing! Inside of configurable payroll you can use filters that will allow for an install tech to get paid a service commission if they run service one day. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

@jarrettd@dbmjmanl -- without using configurable payroll, I recommend creating a non-job timesheet that is a paid event and have the installers clock into that shop work, when it's time to run timesheet reports you can filter on that code and payout the calculated hour(s). Installers can be paid performance pay by selecting specific items in your pricebook and attached pay $ or %. Hope this helps!

Sheena @ NiFT

Sheena,  Would the technician's pay type be "Performance" or "Both"?  If a tech's pay type is set to Performance, do they still have the ability to clock in to non-job events on mobile?



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I am all ears on this one.  We are in the exact same place with the same question. We are paying a piece rate bonus on remotes and key pads and certain tagged items. They have to meet certain criteria and then complete a form on the job in ST to trigger the piece rate pay.  However, it is still so manual!