can we get a credit card swiper to be used on a computer

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Wondering if there is a way to get a credit card scanner hooked up to our main computer in our store to be used in service titan to collect payment for a over the counter sale in a invoice? Instead of manual entering a credit card each time on a invoice can a swiper be used to swipe a customers credit card  ? 


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This would also be a huge benefit to us as well, especially in today's age in which customers are used to quick transactions from a card swiper/apple pay, etc.  We use Clover, with a card reader currently, but soon we will be making the transition to using the full POS system with Service Titan and back to manually entering in cards.   We would use the mobile device if it's only function was to  accept the payment.  It's so much easier to use the desktop to transact, than the mobile device.  

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ServiceTitan Certified Provider

This would work great if you had a mobile device, like a tablet that can be used at the front to connect the swipers to.

- Sheena @ NIFT

Sheena @ NiFT