Purchase Orders for Projects & Exported Jobs

Looking for a work around for the following issue:I come across many purchase orders that need to be attached to a project or an exported job.Because of our workload and distribution of duties, often the people who place orders and create PO's do not...

ECSoffice1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Back charge suppliers

Working within projects, some of our installed equipment has long lead-teams with tight install schedules. If there is an issue or damage to the product, with the suppliers' approval, we proceed with the install with the intent to return and swap out...

TA by New Contributor
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Credit Card Purchases for Project Jobs

What is the best practice for correlating credit card purchases for specific Jobs? We purchase materials and permits via Credit Card and need to tie them to the job we purchased them for. Any incite would be great!

Overall Project Business Unit

We assign an overall business unit to a project such as Commercial New Construction. Within that project there will be jobs performed by different business units, i.e. Service business unit will do the start-up of the system. When assigning an overal...

Project Purchasing

What process does everyone use to purchase within projects? Here is what we have tried and failed to work or we are making it work. In projects - in the purchasing tab if you just select "Add purchase order"When the PO is received the items are expen...

WPBPauley by New Contributor
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Projects tab sticky

When opening the Projects tab, we have to select a date range every time before anything is shown. Once our view appears, we can make changes, save views, and set the default, but we've still got to select the date range every time we open the Projec...

Tracking leads not yet scheduled

Is there a way to enter and track leads turned over by service techs for potential equipment replacement ( we don't have selling techs and we utilize comfort specialists )? In some cases the client doesn't want us right away due to their schedule, et...

phutto by New Contributor
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