Editing the mobile scorecard

Is there any way I can edit the fields on the technician scorecard? I'd like to edit the fields to show different metrics than what are currently on there. For example, I'd like to show Number of Opportunities, Number of Replacement Opportunities, To...

bradley_ by New Contributor
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Technician permissions

We are needing our technicians to have access to our customers info/history, pricebook pricing and pictures from previous jobs without having to book a job. Is there something on the mobile permissions that we can allow that? Most of the time they ne...

jasonhoe by New Contributor
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Form Issues

Is anyone else having issues with forms crashing on mobile? We are unable to save any information, the form closes and then duplicates itself! We have un installed and re installed the ST app and updated our tablets to the latest iOS. We use forms to...

cfalone by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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option to set a reminder under a customers job order.

Id like to see a (set a reminder) button near the note, and take a picture buttons, on the mobile app. This would be useful in jobs that require a follow up, example: i have a job requiring a call to customer service, but they are closed today. i wou...

ernie_t_ by New Contributor
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Resolved! Deposit Question

DEPOSIT QUESTION! Hi All! To my knowledge, when a tech sells work and wants to collect a prepayment he has to sell the work, click "perform work later", call the office, the office sets up the return call, and then the tech can collect the "project" ...

reneem by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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good better best

We want to change how we present to a customer on the options that they have. As of now it is set up as (good better best) for your options. We would like it to go (best better good) so that the customer is looking at their best option first. By doin...

ehcmgr by New Contributor
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Resolved! Taking photos in the Service Titan Mobile App

I have been having a challenge to get the technicians to take photos before, during and after the work has been performed. In trying to understand why a simple task like this was not being completed they all complained that it really slowed them down...

Editable Tech Tablet View

We would like to be able to display the billing name - not the job location name on the techs tablet view - we should be able to update that.

Ghannon by New Contributor
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Signature boxes.

Hello all. I’ve been finding that it’s difficult to have customers sign off on the signature box, there is no color differentiation and the signature capture box is a very light gray outlines dotted box. I think it would be lovely if ServiceTitan wan...

Jerodb by New Contributor II
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Highlighting phone number for technician to call as a priority.

Hello everyone,I am a field technician finding that it to be infuriating that when I have 15 numbers I have to cycle through to find the one to call and sometimes I still don’t find it and I have to call my dispatcher. I think it would be lovely if s...

Jerodb by New Contributor II
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