T&M Invoicing

I am wondering how others are tackling their Time & Materials invoicing. We are having major issues with our techs being able to properly invoice jobs due to the fact that they can't see the timesheet for that job. Worst case, they should be able to ...

jboth by New Contributor
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Edit estimate name from mobile

We have property managers who are receiving literally a hundred emails from us per week. Can we change it so when our techs send them estimates from the field the Estimate Name is more descriptive? It should have the location in the title so they kno...

Resolved! Missing audit history for opened estimates

Does anyone have a solution this one? I have noticed that if an estimate is sent out from a technician on the mobile device it will give this "sent a link for e-signatures to the following contacts:" in the audit history for the job. However it does ...

aatlee_h by New Contributor
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PDF Zoom

We are beginning to implement the Photo/PDF upload feature of ST, and one of the ways we are doing this is with adding all of our building plans onto each job. Some of the plans come in Photo format, whilst others are grouped together in a multiple p...

Rusty by New Contributor
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Adding Discount Task

How can techs apply a discount task to an estimate from the mobile side & having it fall under Discount & Fees? We have only done this from the office

allisonc by New Contributor II
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Glitches today

One of our tech's just called me and is having trouble with ST today. It isn't loading anything for him. He cannot upload photos or attachments to his current job or see his next job either. Before I reach out to support - I wanted to see if anyone e...

Mobile View Unit Measure

I would like to see the unit of measure show in the mobile view for items in the Pricebook. In the Pricebook (on PC) the unit measure is visible, but when our technicians are using their tablets in the field they cannot see if the material they are (...

Deneen by New Contributor
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Add square or circle option to Photo Mark Up

Very simple fix. I would like to have the option to add a circle and a square, a straight line, on the photo mark up. Maybe change the size of the marker line. It would just help keep things move faster and look much cleaner. When on site doing estim...

Text Forwarding

Hello we are finding out that this platform does not forward text messages, that it ends on ST platform. This doesnt make much sense to me. Many of us wont be on the ST page waiting for messages to come through; and customers will assume we have rece...

apolloliu by New Contributor
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