Tech Cannot Log Into ServiceTitan App on New Iphone

I have a tech that got a brand new Apple iPhone 15. When we tries to log into the ServiceTitan app, under the blue sign in button it says "getting ready" and he can't click anything else. His phone software is up to date, as well as the ServiceTitan ...

Sgraham by New Contributor
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Technician Password Reset - Mobile

We've had administration changes, and some processes are being evaluated to determine if they are best practice. We currently require our technicians to call the office for a password reset on Service Titan if/when the technician is logged out of ST....

TandiWP1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! red circle with number on mobile

Is anyone else seeing this red circle on their mobile view? It has a random number in it, and it is apparently counting down for whatever reason. It has been causing a lot of issues for our sales team when they are preparing an estimate. Whatever the...

Screenshot 2024-05-09 123019.png
thaggerty by New Contributor III
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Paid Meal Breaks

We are new to Service Titan and are trying to figure out paid lunch breaks for our technicians. The Meal Break option is Unpaid and Service Titan said that they cannot change that. The only option we found was by creating a paid event called Lunch Br...

customers to call back to technicians

I have an issue when the office is closed and a technician calls and leaves a customer a message to get authorization. The customer then calls the office that is closed. The customer has no way to call the technician back directly. There should be a ...

Mark1 by New Contributor II
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add on task

All of the sudden all my invoices from the techs have all the task check as add on's . why is this happening all of the sudden? We do not use this on our invoices ever but now we can not make it go away. Anyone?

shawnsik by Contributor
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Add-on Material on Mobile

We noticed that when we add a task on an estimate / invoice - the technicians do not see the material associated to the task that is labeled as add on. we have to go into the invoice on the office side to delete the material

isabelle1 by New Contributor II
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Mobile App

Has anyone else had a lot of issues with techs closing out and the app not closing them out. We have had this happen on several occasions.

jcross by New Contributor
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Unable to Log Into Mobile App

I have three technicians that are not able to log into to ST at all. I am trying to get with support but they have not been able to connect me with anyone. Is anyone having this issue as well?

jaquelin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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