Travel Fee

We input a travel fee into each service of our estimates, but we don't want it to count towards our GM% and we need it to be just a flat rate.Is anyone else doing travel fees? If so, how do you account for it?

Import from Template

Is there any way to re import a estimate and keep it in there item group. I've finally learned that you have to get rid of the id number to re import.

Kirk by New Contributor
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Resolved! Office facing estimate notes

I am hoping to find a way that someone has been able to put notes on an estimate that a customer cannot see. IE what supply house to get the part or notes from the person doing the estimate for the technician who does the job. If there isnt a way to ...

Combine Multiple Estimates

I would love the option to combine estimates. My guys like to give multiple estimates for issues the clients are having. There have been many times the client decides to go with multiple estimates and it creates issues. I have to then go and combine ...

Smart Field PDF pulling from Service Titan Estimates

I am looking for some help with finding a way to have a PDF fillable form(non service titan form) smart field line that would pull from the APPROVED estimate task line. Details: When we are out on a job and they need to replace furnace or AC, our tec...


My tech sent an esign to his customer, the customer states he did sign it but we can't find the proof that he did, where would that be found?

espencer1 by New Contributor
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Estimate to purchase order, to booking job

Good morning, My company has recently switched to Service Titan, and I'm trying to get a better understanding of how an estimate for a part we do not stock should be flipped into a purchase order, and then converted to a booking.We have tried two dif...

markravan by New Contributor
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