Specific Tasks on Estimates

Does anyone know of a way to join two separate reports so that I can determine how many times a certain task has been sold on estimates? Currently I can only see specific tasks when they are on an invoice (installed) and not necessarily when they are...

LELD by New Contributor
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Options not included on estimates

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to add "Options not included" to an estimate? When we created our inhouse estimate we have a list at the bottom of the estimate for "Options not included" ie- additional return air install, duct sealing and duct ...

jsugamele by New Contributor
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Estimate reminders

Has anyone else been having problems with the technicians not being able to use the calendar to select a day and time for estimate reminders? Everything seems to be work but the reminder is not set.

kobella_ by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Any Other Costco/ServiceTitan Users?

Hi Everyone,I am reaching out to see if there are any other ServiceTitan users that sells HVAC Installations through Costco and would like to learn of their proposal / work order process. Many HVAC companies use the software, PricebookPlus, to propos...

NQ by New Contributor II
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Service Work Invoices vs Project Work Estimates

Wondering if there is a way to provide an estimate to a customer that doesnt show all the materials used, shows maybe a material cost (like a total of materials) but still has the actual quantities of materials used so that we know for inventory purp...

matthall by New Contributor
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Resolved! Convert and take payment for an estimate at the office level

Hello, new Titan user here. We have a bit of an odd workflow it seems cause I can't find a good solution to the following problem. We are a Locksmith and lots of times our office staff will sell large quantities of padlocks to customers that take a n...

LockLevi by New Contributor III
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Invoice and estimate print views

Since the most recent update we are unable to change the "print" view for invoices and estimates. When trying to choose, itemized with price, itemized without price, aggregated or hide items, it only shows you the itemized with price option regardles...

Terry1 by New Contributor
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I am needing to figure out how my tech's can create an estimate (On Mobile) for a customer after the job has been completed. Can anybody Help?

Resolved! sold estimates

Hello,Once estimate is sold and customer calls in to cancel the service they agreed to. is there a way we can mark this unsold on our end?

bettya1 by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Is it possible to edit the sold on date for sold estimates?

We just switched over to Service Titan earlier this month, we had some issues with sales jobs that ported over from our old system. Some of the older jobs were not linked to a project causing the installation to not associate to the sales job. Becaus...