One email for bulk estimates

When we send a customer several estimates - they receive several separate emails. Can we make it so when we send them their options (IE one repair estimate, three replacement options) they get it in ONE email? This would make it easier for them to vi...

Make estimate names more descriptive

We have property managers who are receiving literally a hundred emails from us per week. Can we change it so when our techs send them estimates from the field the Estimate Name is more descriptive? It should have the location in the title so they kno...

Allowing Dynamic Pricing to Use Cache Data if no service is available

Hi Everyone, Just posted an idea and would love to see some upvotes. We have really embraced dynamic pricing for almost everything we do as a company, the ability to make sure your field...

jsoch by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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sold estimate notifications

Our techs would like a text notification when they sell an estimate in order to keep up with commission. Currently, the only option is to send our techs ALL the sold estimates- even ones from other technicians. You should consider making it where eac...

apacheai by New Contributor
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New troubleshooting articles in the ServiceTitan KB

Sharing a list of new troubleshooting articles posted recently to the ServiceTitan KB located here: -- we hope they are helpful. At the bottom of each article, you can rate it for its usefulness, provide feedback if it ...

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Bill of Materials option in Estimates

I'd like to suggest adding a field to the Estimate module specifically that allows the ability to manually enter a Bill of Materials associated with the specific estimate that could include columns for: Vendor/Source, part number, description, Cost, ...

Escalating Opportunities in the Follow up Flag

Is there a way for CSR's to mark/annotate or escalate opportunities to management easily and effectively? The opportunities are basically in one big "pot" and we prefer to have a best practice where only management is allowed to DISMISS opportunities...