Feedback Needed: Marketing Pro Navigation

Hi folks! We’re running a new round of product research. Do you have about 10 minutes to complete this design test for MarketingPro Navigation?In this test, you will tell us where you would go to find 7 items you might be looking for as part of your ...

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Call Tracking Numbers Problem

For the 3rd day in a row our call tracking numbers are not being directed to the number specified. We get a variety of messages from the number is not in service to driecting to a different business entirely. Support has done route blocking to solve ...

jgough by New Contributor
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Better Direct Mail

Is there any plans in place to improve the direct mail campaigns? Would be great to have different size options. 4x6 might get lost in the mail. 6x11, full page or half page options would be great. As well as the ability to design both sides of the m...

Mprager by New Contributor
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Resolved! Unsold Estimate Email Details

We are now going to use Service Titan for our sales staff. This means the estimates will be located inside of Service Titan, (which we have never done before). This question is about using the data from the estimate inside of the automatic email camp...

drlavont by New Contributor II
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Campaign Tracking Numbers

Hey y'all, we are new to ST, and for a couple of weeks our tracking numbers associated with campaigns keep going away completely. I have added them back in there a time or two, but they disappear. These are tracking numbers we did not create in ST, s...

Resolved! Yearly Recurring Campaign

I want to make an email that sends out annually to remind clients to buy their year's supply of filters.I can pull an audience based on the purchase date and material, but I can't make it send yearly to everyone who purchased the product every 12-mon...

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