Sales Reporting

Anyone not seeing office sales for won estimates on Dashboard Sales? They are not coming up under Report either. All my business units are turned on. I can find the original approved estimate and the completed job but the reporting is only showing th...

LuisEfren by New Contributor
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Reports showing new cust vs Install jobs

I am wondering if anyone has this built and working. I am trying to pull reports, without having to go through each customers account and scrub the list, that will show completed install jobs from new customer accounts.If I go to build a report based...

ABeggsCW by New Contributor
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Form Submission Report Broken?

I had a scheduled report that allowed me to see content on a form submission and give me a daily report of what my Techs are filling out. Worked great. Now all of the sudden its got unavailable data and the columns I had selected on the previous repo...

Sales Report with Follow Up Sales

We try to one sit close every job but we have a team inside that follows up on unsold jobs. Our issue is when those jobs sell we are now needing to create a 2nd job, the second job is counting as a new opportunity even when the non op/no charge box i...


Help!!! I am trying to build a report for specific job types that don't have a recurring service at the location.

Tiffy76 by Contributor
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Hours Per Task

I was wondering if there was a report that can be ran to determine an average amount of time spent on a specific task. Essentially, we have "Sold Hours" associated to task, but some technicians may finish earlier or later on a task. I was wondering i...

Lou1368 by New Contributor II
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unbooked sold estimates

Hello all! Is there a report for unbooked sold estimates? I have found a few sold estimates booked and completed without following the proper workflow.

MonicaH82 by New Contributor
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