Service Titan Chat

Service titan chat needs to record closing time stamps, please please vote here!!

danielle14 by New Contributor III
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Adding Equipment

Is there no way to add equipment to a Booked Job once it has been booked?It is super easy to forget to add the equipment. We should be able to Edit the job if we do forget, or if we are waiting to hear which piece of equipment it is.

asvchesa by New Contributor III
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Issues With Following up and Leads

We are experiencing soooo many issues with creating follow ups and converting them simply because there is no way to attach follow ups to customer files. If a tech asks us to call someone for a replacement opportunity and the customer doesn't pick up...

Naomih by New Contributor II
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Booking a job off a sold estimate

We are trying to book a return job to complete sold estimate work. Sometime it provided options to select certain items to book the job from, and other times we can not select anything. How can I get those jobs booked so they are linked to that sold ...

dphilcox by New Contributor II
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Time Zone Selection from Call Booking Screen

We are a business that schedules service calls in two different time zones but our main office is in a different time zone from one of the locations. We would like to see a feature where we can set each business unit to have its own unique time zone....

Resolved! No Charge/Non-Opportunity

Would it be possible to add the "No Charge/Non-Opportunity" check box to the list of fields for converted jobs and recall jobs in the booking step so that employees do not have to go into the job after it is made to edit it? This would cut out extra ...

Follow Up Button Needed

Hey Everyone! If you would please vote on the idea below! Thanks so much

Naomih by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Follow Up Button needed

When we mark a lead as a follow up since we did not book the job there is no way for a CSR member to really know that, that follow up that was created should be booked from the follow up tab unless they know where to look. We think it would be helpfu...

Naomih by New Contributor II
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