quickbooks training

Hello there I am looking for some training for Quickbooks and service titan I have never used quickbooks and do not want to point my team in the wrong direction for training please help if can

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What are rebate best practices?

Hi All, How are we putting rebates on invoices? These specific rebates are not instant rebates so they will not affect the invoice price. Are we creating a Task and changing the description? Are we just including it in the body of the estimate descri...

mollys by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Refunding Sales Tax

We have a new customer that is non-taxable but did not let us know until after we created the invoice and exported it. What is the best way to credit back the sales tax on my customer's invoice? Ideally, it would reflect on my Sales Tax report someho...

Trane Warranty Credits

How do you all set up ServiceTitan to process Trane warranty repairs? We'll perform a warranty repair where Trane sends us the part for free, and reimburses us for the labor costs (a set amount per labor hour.) For job costing purposes, how should we...


I have a customer that paid with a check she has decided not to move forward with the work and we already deposited the check we did zelle her back how do I refund it thru Service titan it does not give me the options on paying cash or sending thru z...

Tiffy76 by New Contributor II
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Follow Up for AR Management

Please vote for this idea if you like and would find it useful! Balances and AR management are an important "follow up" workflow, but there is no dedicated place to make notes, have ...

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Costco Invoice workflow for Service Titan and Quickbooks

My company is a vendor for HVAC equipment being sold through COSTCO. We sell a job for a set amount and the customer pays COSTCO directly and Costco sends us a payment that is 10% less the job. That 10% is for the Costco cash card. Is there anyone in...

generala2 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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