Account Profile balance due field.

I use the Balance due field on an accounts customer side for Red flag issues that might be happening.Now it will not show a balance due when a customer puts down a down payment. $-150.00 and their job has not been completed yet. The job is still in p...

mschmidt by New Contributor
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General Ledger Accounts

Hi, We are looking at potentially re-doing our general ledger accounts due to our company expansions into different lines of home services. However, we are hitting a wall for how to structure it. Does any one have any recommendations and samples of h...

natalie_ by New Contributor
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Credit Card payment "Approved," why?

Why is "Approved" now being put in the memo on Credit Card payment? I mean, the Transaction Status already states "Success."We use the Memo for card info or if someone other than the customer paid. So I am having to delete the "Approved" on every tra...

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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Payment Term Field on Accounts Receivable Report

I'd love to see Accounts Receivable aging reports include a column showing the customer's payment terms. I follow up on outstanding A/R based on how "overdue" customer payment is-- so a "net 30" customer shouldn't be bothered until the 31 day mark, b...

jbetters by New Contributor
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Down Payments

Hello! How is everybody entering down payments? We require our customers to pay 1/2 down before we order their product and so sometimes this money could sit for a couple months. Currently, we are collecting down payments as a payment and it's exporti...

Anyone on here outsource their bookkeeping?

Can you recommend a local company that offers bookkeeping services? I may be looking to outsource a position at our company. We would require bookkeeping, commercial invoicing, AP, and AR. I you could point me in the right direction I would much appr...

jarrettd by New Contributor III
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Memberships Charging to old inactive cards

Since the last update we are having an issue with our memberships charging to old cards on the customer account. These are all memberships that do not have a preferred payment selected. For many months it has been charging the good/valid card, but al...

LindseyE by New Contributor II
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