Tag ST Phone Numbers

Hi,We currently have Marketing Pro, and we are able to link phone numbers we have in ST to a campaign. This is a useful feature for us, but the issue is that we don't actually use Marketing Pro to run marketing campaigns. We are planning on removing ...

Laerec by New Contributor
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International Phone Numbers

I have a client that lives in Europe but has a rental property in the US. I cannot add an international number to service titan. Has anyone else had any luck doing that?

Mario1 by Visitor
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This just in: New Labels for Commercial and Construction!

Hello Titans!We're excited to announce that new labels have been added to community for our Commercial and Construction users. This will be the first of many improvements we look to make across community to better segment and identify posts, so you g...

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Automatically trigger a Task Management task based on alerts.

Go vote for COMMUNITY-I-1817!Right now I use Zapier to take an email alert from ST and create a task. It's cumbersome. It would be great if ST could automatically generate a task based on a certain set of parameters.Examples:I have a task created eve...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Dynamic Pricing and Inventory / Purchasing

Dynamic Pricing is great - the idea I would think is that you can link the cost of inventory items to the sale price of a flat rate. When the price of materials change, the sale price of a flat rate changes. Since pricing is constantly changing - thi...

mwh6639 by New Contributor
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We would like to import a banner, with our companies mission statement, on to the servicetitan platform, that would appear to all employees while in ServiceTitan. We feel this would make the program look a little more personalized to our company, as ...

Techmaak by New Contributor
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Average Replacement Sale on a Marketed Lead (too low)

As we enter our shoulder season and as we see inflation staying in the high 8%, we need to make sure we are maximizing all our marketing leads. There are times though we will accept a 45% to 50% closing rate from your team, which in my eyes is totall...

by New Contributor III
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Cant see Gross Margin

One of my estimators cannot see the gross margin of his jobs when he is building estimates. I can see the gross margin below the price on the right-hand side of the screen. I can't find a permission that he is missing that would allow him to see this...

TaylorByrd by New Contributor II
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Fleet/GPS Management?

Not necessarily ST related, but im curious of what other companies that use ST and that are in charge of keeping an eye on their fleet vehicles, what service they are using?Currently, we use GeoTab, but there have been some rumblings of us wanting to...

ssiegfri by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Suggestions: Custom Fields by Company

It would be helpful for our business to be able to have custom fields set up on job records only for specific clients. For instance, some of our clients use their own internal work order tracking system and need this information displayed on every in...

Julsarino by New Contributor
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