Is there a way to send a customer a copy of their maintenance agreement?

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Non-Managed Tech becoming Managed

We have a phantom change from non to managed technician. It was not due to using the managed/non-managed drop down nor was it from a job where it had no managed techs. ST support is looking into this for us. What I am wondering is does anyone know ho...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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CSR / Dispatcher

Hi!! We are looking for insight on how others split the roles of CSR/Dispatcher.We are an HVAC / Plumbing / Remodeling Company. Looking for ideas / thoughts on having one person as CSR/Dispatcher for HVAC and another for Plumbing, or having one perso...

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Have Visa/Debit as payment option

Hello! Here in Canada, we have so many customers who wish to pay with a Visa/Debit card however, these payments are not accepted through ST so they cannot pay their bill online or by phone with this type of card. Please consider adding Visa Debit car...

Office calendar within ST!

We would absolutely LOVE to see an office calendar within ST. We will often add non-job events to office staff's lines so they remember what meetings they have. However, it would be so much more convenient to add jobs to office staff's lines. For exa...

Job Costing PO includes taxes

I have just recently realized that when you pull up job costing, that PO's cost includes taxes. This doesn't seem right to me...if we purchased equipment/materials outside of the job then the cost of the tax on those items would not be included. Has ...

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Schedule Viewing

There needs to be some tool that allows for us as office management to view the schedules, time off, and breaks taken in real time the same way that you can view it for the technicians. I understand that the office staff is often over looked in the t...

Tips for increasing your community footprint!

Hello friends! I thought I would share some suggestions for increasing ones presence on the community board. Specifically for leaderboard rankings regarding Pantheon 2023.I am a Dispatch Supervisor and when I get in, of course I load Service Titan, b...