Timesheet report for total hours by Activity

We use the timesheets for the technicians in ST, and at the end of the week I need to pull a report showing the total hours keyed to each activity.I.E. we have "Shoptime" and "Meetings" as an Activity in the timesheets. At the end of the week I need ...

Piccinini by New Contributor II
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Paid Meal Breaks - Idea

It would be great if Service Titan could add the option for timesheet codes that allows meals to be paid. Currently, you cannot deactivate this timesheet code "meal" and you cannot adjust it from unpaid to paid.

lmagda by New Contributor
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Rounding Hours to 15-minute intervals

Most payroll programs round payroll time to the nearest quarter hour or 15-minute interval. Service Titan tracks job time by the minute but does allow for the billing by the quarter hour interval. Why doesn't payroll in Service Titan round to the nea...


Our techs are not using the I-Pads yet. Does anyone know of an easier way to do timesheets? We do input their timesheets for the Jobs, but some jobs have multiple trips out to the service location and without them using the iPads. I haven't found an ...

Wwoods by New Contributor
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Sold Hours- Payroll Configuration

We are checking out the payroll configuration with Service Titan and wanted to know if anybody is using Sold Hours by Task to pay their employees. We pay the greater of two pays, either worked hours or the Sold Hours. I would think it would be pretty...

Terrill by New Contributor
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